It All Starts At The End


Party's, Boyfriend's, Friend's & Family were all over rated for Marina Smith. She had herself and that's all she needed. The one's she adored ignored her, and the ones who adored her she ignored, until one sunny morning when she awoke to find that everything really begins at the end.

*contains mild language*
Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2014 It All Starts At The End

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


10. Chapter Nine

May 10th and the baby was born... 2 months early! It was a boy. Just as Matt and I wanted. His name was Alex Benjamin Cooper, A.B.C. God was out little man gonna hate us for doing that.


I've been in hospital for over a month with the baby making sure he's okay and safe to leave. Because he was so early they thought he was going to die but thank fuck he didn't.

"Hey babe, how you feeling?" Matt asked holding a bouquet of flowers and kissing my forehead 'good morning' acting all cute and all.

"I'm alright, a bit tired. You?"

"I'm good thank you. How's Alex been? Crying? Quiet? Struggling? Cute? Good company?"

"Woah woah, what's with the questions?" I asked laughing, "no, yes, no, yes and yes!" I said to Matt.

"Aw that's good. I love seeing my two babies in a room. My 1 month & my 19 year old little babies." He said with a massive smile on his face. It was cute I must admit. Well he usually is but Matt was different. He always had been and that's why I fell in love.

4 days later and we were able to take Alex home, but of course we made a little detour.

*knock. knock. knock*

"Hilary! There's a young man named Alex Benjamin Cooper here who wants to meet you."

"Ahh he's soo cute but why Alex Benjamin?" She asked confused.

"I wanted it to be Benjamin. Ben for short but Reen liked Alex. Plus his initials are A.B.C so it's even cooler!" Matt explained like a little kid opening presents on Christmas morning.

"Joe come here meet the baby!" Hilary said loudly without upsetting the baby.

"So you and Joe are still together? Aww." I said grinning.

"Ha ha yes, yes we are." She said staring at Alex's blue eyes.

"He's beautiful guys" Hilary & Joe said giving Alex back to us.

"Thank you." Matt & I replied.

We left short after as I was tired and Matt wanted to spend some time with Alex which I found adorable. Alex was so cute and so fragile, just like Matt.

Finally after knowing it was Matt with Alex and not some stupid nurse, I finally got to sleep and damn did it feel great.

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