the house on wendover street

**NOTE: THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTION. MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.** when i was a young girl i was always between houses. from visitation with my father to weekends at my grams. I didnt worry too much because my gram and dad lived on the same street...wendover street. one day i was out side the house playing when he grabbed me.....


2. the escape

after a few minutes of running xander looked back and said the coast was clear.  i gave him hunters adress. "its not that far." i said " well if we keep standing here isaac will notice we are gone and not coming back" with that we started walking. for two kids who have been locked in a house for 13 years we knew our way around pretty well. one more street untill hunters house when... " where do you guys think youre going?!?!?!" shit! i thought we were done. but when i turned around it wasnt isaac it was hunter. " oh my gosh you almost made me shit myself well we were coming to you." "sorry i thought you said youd never get away" "well we did" we ran to hunters house and called the cops.  after we explained to the cops who we were and what happened they took us to the station. 

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