the house on wendover street

**NOTE: THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTION. MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.** when i was a young girl i was always between houses. from visitation with my father to weekends at my grams. I didnt worry too much because my gram and dad lived on the same street...wendover street. one day i was out side the house playing when he grabbed me.....


3. "liars"

 At the station we had to retell our story over and over again. Officer after officer asked us the same questions. It didn't change the fact they thought we were lying. After six hours they finally let us go. They didn't even try to contact our dad. I don't know about xander but I feel like shit. They didn't even try to help us. I guess after thirteen years they don't care where we went. Although the whole time we were up the street from our home. That's it. Isaac gets away Scot free. No. I can't let that happen. I need to find Bryan . 

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