the house on wendover street

**NOTE: THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTION. MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.** when i was a young girl i was always between houses. from visitation with my father to weekends at my grams. I didnt worry too much because my gram and dad lived on the same street...wendover street. one day i was out side the house playing when he grabbed me.....


4. bryan

**Bryans pov** I was four weeks into my training when I heard the news that my little brother and sister were kidnapped. It's all I could think about for a long time. I'm pretty sure my commander thought I had gone insane. I would constantly talk about how I wanted to go find them. I would keep writing letters to my father to see if they were found. Nothing. No news. No leads. A hopeless case. At that point I couldn't focus on what I had to do. I went MIA.
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