Bikes,Books, and a BoyBand.

Lana Richards, a 19 year old with her own opinion on life.One Direction,the worlds biggest band with screaming fans.There lives come together as one when they pass each other biking.Lana sees the boys as regular people and Louis begins to like that about her, but Lana finds her falling for Louis' jokes and Childishness.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Lana's P.O.V

Soon we ate breakfast and of course I offered to pay for myself once again.But Liam jumped in the way and payed for me and everyone else."Ready to head to our place?"Zayn asked looking directly at me.I smiled "Sure." Niall looked towards his Father."Paul are you ready?"Wait, Niall and his Dad are on a first name basis? "Uh Niall , Why are you calling you Dad Paul?" I questioned. Everyone began to laugh like idiots and Harry was even on his knees in laughter. I raised my eyebrows at them."Lana,Paul isn't Niall's Dad,he's our Tour Manager and Body Guard."Louis said between laughs.

I giggled and apologized a few times before we got into the van again.We drove for about 10 minutes until we reached a grey house that was quite big. "Here we are!"Niall screeched. "Niall you sound like Emily Young from that show on Tree House."I said laughing,soon the others joined in with me ,even Paul."This Niall Horan he'll score a goal,play a game ,make a bunch of brand new friends.Learning ,laughing ,sharing , smiling we'll have lots of fun with Niall Horan!"Harry sang loudly.Everyone died of laughter at the voice Harry sang it in,he sounded just like Emily Young.

There house was amazing.Well it's more amazing to them because it's designed for five teenage boys."Lana wanna watch a film?"Liam questioned."Okay,Which one?"

"How about John Carter?"Louis suggested.

"No! That movie was absolutely terrible!"Zayn smacked Louis Chest. "My boob!"Louis whinnied. "Let's watch The Lion King."I stated."Alright!"Harry exclaimed.

So we were half way through the movie and Paul had to leave.He trusted Liam enough to control us hooligans.

When the movie was over Harry and Niall were complaining about their stomachs being empty and how they were going to die if they didn't eat.Eventually Louis and Zayn joined in while Liam and I have them weird looks."Do you guys know how to cook?"I asked. "Heh heh , we dabble."Liam blushed. "I'll take that as a no,show me to your kitchen!" The boys lead me to the Kitchen and all sat at the table and island eagerly."So what do you idiots want?"I asked. "Waffles!"Louis screeched. "No Lou,that's for breakfast."

I smirked at Louis , and he smiled back making me blush. Wait what? Louis is making me blush!? Ugh I already told myself I wasn't going to like him! "Earth to Lana!"Harry screamed making me jump and refocus on reality. "Oh yeah so uh what do you want to eat?" "Spaghetti?" Zayn suggested. "Yeah!" Niall said smiling in agreement. Then the boys began to show me where everything was located.

So I got to work and cooked the six of us spaghetti , well I cooked for eight because boy can Niall eat. Soon it was ready and the boys looked so bored because they literally sat they and watched me the entire time. "Finally!"Harry shouted as I put a plate in front of Liam and himself. I gave the rest of the boys a plate filled with spaghetti before I got my own and sat down next to Zayn and Niall.

Eventually we all finished eating and Zayn decided we would listen to his old IPod,Simply because he didn't know what was on it . Plus it would be fun to see what Zayn used to listen to."Oh my god Zayn Jawaad Malik is a Belieber!"Harry laughed. Soon everyone started teasing Zayn about wanting to marry the Biebs.

When I first opened my eyes,the sun gleamed at them and made them burn.I blinked a few times to adjust to the brightness.Suddenly I felt something moving to my right,I turned around slowly to see what it was. I was shocked at my discovery,Harry Styles was laying right next to me in a bed of an unknown room and was about to put his arm around me.

A/N Sorry it's so short! I had barely any time to write this Chapter. I'll try to update again before Sunday. :)


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