Bikes,Books, and a BoyBand.

Lana Richards, a 19 year old with her own opinion on life.One Direction,the worlds biggest band with screaming fans.There lives come together as one when they pass each other biking.Lana sees the boys as regular people and Louis begins to like that about her, but Lana finds her falling for Louis' jokes and Childishness.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Lana's P.O.V

"Hey babe you alright?" He asked putting his arm behind my back to help me sit up,his green eyes sparkled as he looked directly into mine. I'll admit Harry is even more handsome in public. I know many people would call me crazy for not realizing this before but I think my brain works slower than others."I'm fine" I whispered. "What did you say?" "I'm okay"I smiled.The other four boys were now off of there bikes and bent down around me as well. "So clumsy, you got a name?"Louis joked and the chuckled as Niall bursted into laughter. "Lana" Niall stopped laughing and gave me a strange look."Lana? Is that short for something?" I laughed at his remark."No it's just Lana"

Liam smiled brightly at me "Well it's nice to meet you, I'm Liam" "I know"I stated.

Harry seemed amused"So Lana here is a fan?" I laughed. "Nope, I just see you all over the internet." Harry then stood up and the other boys mimicked him.He stretched out his hand for my to grab,I grasped it and he pulled me up in one swift movement."So what brings you biking today?"Liam questioned."My parents wanted to do a little shopping so I decided to explore."

About five minutes after standing around and talking with these boys I felt like I've known them longer then ten minutes.I know we just met but hey,their nice guys."So Lana you seem like a great girl, Do you wanna go out to lunch with us?"Zayn suggested."Sure,why not?"I smiled.The six of us got back on our bikes and drove for about twenty minutes until we reached a restaurant.It looked one where the whole family would meet for a wedding anniversary or something of that sort.To my right Louis had parked his bike right next to me,He noticed I was looking at him and smiled.I returned the smiled before following the others inside.It was really warm I'm the restaurant, almost like a hot summer day."Table for six?" A waiter asked.He had Brown hair , deep brown eyes and a perfect smile.

"Yes"Liam said smiling towards the waiter.I looked at the waiters shirt and there was a name tag that said 'Greg'."Alright follow me"Greg said smiling once more.The six of us followed him to a table that had a booth on one side and four chairs on the other. I sat on the booth side and so did Liam and Harry.Niall sat across from Harry,Zayn sat across from Liam and Louis sat across from me.

Greg appeared again and asked"Can I get you guys anything do drink?"

"I'll have a diet coke and Harry will have a root beer" Niall said. "Okay and you?"Greg looked at Zayn."Um I'll have an Strawberry milkshake,Liam?"The young waiter wrote down our drinks on a blue notepad."Water please"Liam smiled. "And for the beautiful girl?" I blushed. "Sprite" I said. "Um I'll have a Iced tea please"Louis gave the Greg a strange look and He looked sort of taken back by it. "Alright,I'll be back in a few minutes." Greg left and Louis sighed."Hey you alright mate?"Harry asked looking concerned. "Just peachy" he replied.

"So Lana, how old are you?" Niall asked. "I'm 19" "Really ? So is Liam and Niall" Zayn smirked. "Oh well how old are you ?" I questioned looking directly at Zayn. "I'm 20 ",Harry's 18 and Louis is 21" I laughed, he can't be serious. "Louis isn't 21" I looked at Zayn like he was losing it."Your lying". "Lana, he's telling the truth" Louis looked at me and I knew it was true you could tell be the softened look he gave me and by the tone in his voice."Okay I believe you"

About 45 minutes later we had ordered and finished our meals. I handed Niall twenty pounds to pay for my share but he didn't take it , he just shook his head at me."Lana hasn't chick flicks taught you anything?" Yeah they have they taught me that fairy tales never happen in real life. "Well I don't normally watch them."I replied. "Well when a guy and a girl go out to dinner or wherever , he has to pay for the girl because that's what a gentlemen would do."Liam said smirking at me. "Well this isn't a date and plus there is five boys"I laughed. "Doesn't matter if there's a million guys, the girl shouldn't pay"Harry pulled out his credit card and went over to the counter. "But-" Louis interrupted me " Lana , it's just a few dollars don't sweat it alright? We can easily pay for it" "Okay" I smiled.

They boys and myself slowly drove back to the rent-a-bike place , and believe me it took about two hours."Your late the older woman at the stand said to me" " I know and I'm really sorry , I'll pay extra" She laughed and then smiled at me "It looks like you kids had fun , so I'm not charging you anything" I smiled again. "Thank you " the boys gave her a thank you and then we all put our bikes back.

"My parents are probably looking for me"I said as Liam and Zayn were trying to piggy back with Niall and Harry. "Oh okay, well Lana can I have your number so you can hang out with us again?"Louis asked pulling his phone out from his pocket. "Sure" We swapped phones and once we had each other's numbers I started walking away. "Lana Wait"Louis said loudly.I turned around "Yeah?" He looked down and smiled , when he returned his focus back on me he blushed."Your different" I giggled at his actions "I like that "

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