I Knew You Were Trouble

Ashley isn't known for falling in love quickly. But being friends with Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, well it isn't hard to fall in love with them. And then one day, everything changed. An old friend of the gang decides to pay a visit & becomes the fifth member to the group. With his perfectly chiselled face like someone from a Calvin Klein ad & his sexy smile...let's just say he's godlike and perfect. Ashley & him become friends but then soon, they can't put off the inevitable - they're perfect for each other. This old friend's name is Zayn Javaad Malik. His black hair styled into a quiff, his face so perfect it was like Michaelangelo sculpted it himself and his eyes the softest chocolate brown that you could melt if you stared right into them. But every boy has his flaws - Zayn is a heartbreaker, he smokes, curses & is covered in tatts.
Ash & Zayn have a fight and call it quits. Both are equally devastated...
Will Ash ever recover and how will she cope?


1. Hangover

“Alright, alright. Your turn Harry, who do you Truth or Dare?” Niall said, grinning. We were sitting around the campfire and laughing our asses off. We might have had too much to drink but we didn’t care at this point. I had only had a few cans but I was still tipsy enough to raise suspicion. Eleanor and Sophia were sitting off by themselves, giggling. They didn’t want to play Truth or Dare so they decided to go off by themselves and do girl talk. Boooring.

Harry beamed and scanned his eyes among us. His eyes stop on me and his smile shows teeth.

“Ashley, Truth or Dare?” He said.

“Hmmmm dare!” I say. Harry thinks for a moment then slowly a wicked smile comes across his face. Uh oh! Note to self: never pick dare when it comes to Harry I thought. I immediately regretted saying dare. When it came to Harry, it could be from things like skinny dipping naked to running down the street naked. Yep, basically every dare you had to be naked for. Because when it came to Harry, naked was to really, truly live.

“Alright, I dare you to strip off to your bra and undies – no matter how unflattering they are – and run up the street and back screaming ‘I believe I can fly’ flapping your arms”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” Niall, Liam and Louis said. “It’s about to get serious”

“What! There is no way I am doing that!” I protested.

“You chose dare so there’s your dare and you know the rules. If you back out of a dare, we have to choose a way of torturing you for a minute or two”

“C’mon Harry, does she have to do it naked though?” Liam chimed in. He was the only one who decided not to drink so at least he was sensible enough to know how crazy that was.

“Yeah, not everyone has to be naked like you!” That was Louis.

“Harry, I might be drunk but I’m not that drunk”

“Fine then, your loss. Guys, how should we torture her?”




I sighed and gave in. “Fine, I’ll do it!”

“Victory for the boys!!!” Niall yelled.

“But if I get caught, I won’t hesitate to blame you”

“Fine with me”

I stripped down to my undergarments and blushed. I wasn’t wearing anything sexy to say the least. I was wearing my Veronicas underwear and a black, spotty bra. Both my last resort undergarments, coincidently. The boys laughed and wolf-whistled making me blush a deeper, crimson red.

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and walked through the house and out the front door. Of course, the boys, Eleanor and Sophia followed. Great, I was hoping to do this alone.

I started running and flapping my arms. This is for the girls out there who get tortured into this kind of stuff and bullied I thought. “I BELIEVE I CAN I FLY!!!!! I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY!!!!” I yelled.

“Shut up!” Someone yelled inside their house.

“Go to bed, girl!”

“Fucking drunkards!”

“You’ll never learn how to fly love. You ain’t a bird!”

“A GIRL CAN HAVE HOPE!” I screamed as I ran down to the gang. Now that I had stopped moving, the cold had really set in and I was shivering. “T-t-there, can w-we g-get back inside now?” I asked. The girls laughed and nodded.

“You go girl”

“Yeah, you’ve proved that girls have guts!”

I smiled shyly and looked down. I wrapped my arms around me, I was still shivering. “T-t-thanks”

“That was freaking hilarious! Did you hear the neighbours?”

Louis and Harry and Niall were on the floor, clutching their sides. Liam noticed I was shivering and looked at me worried.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“N-n-no, I’m f-f-fine” I said. It’s fucking 10 degrees and I’m shivering! What do you think?

“Here” He said, taking off his coat and wrapping it around me. I smiled in gratitude and thanks and pulled it tight against me.

“When you boys stop laughing like fools and idiots, can we please go inside?”

They got up and wiped away their tears. I death glared them and they stopped at once.

“What? We were just having fun!” They said.

“Oh yeah, sure because that’s what fun is. I am so buying you a dictionary for Christmas” I said, walking back inside. “I’m making hot chocolate. Does anyone want one?” I asked, getting out the ingredients from the walk-in cupboard.

“Yes” They all chorused including the girls.

“Alright so that’s one for Niall, Liam, Eleanor, Sophia and me”

“Hey, where’s ours?” Harry and Louis asked with angry faces.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Did you want one?”


‘Well too bad. That’s what you get for laughing at me”

“But Niall was laughing at you too!” Louis said, pouting.

“Yeah but you know how Niall is! He has to be fed or he’ll throw the biggest tantrum”

“It’s not fair, though. We want a hot chocolate too”

“Then apologise!”

They opened their mouths to protest but snapped them closed to look at me stubbornly.

“Fine, do you guys want marshmallows in it too? Maybe I could fancy it up a bit and add cinnamon”

“Fine, we’re sorry!”

I smiled sweetly. “Sorry for what?”

“For making you do a nudie run”

“Good, now say it together”

“We’re sorry for making you do a nudie run in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures. Now can we have a hot chocolate?” Louis asked, pulling a puppy dog face. I sighed and smiled.

“Sure, marshmallows and cinnamon?”

“No cinnamon thanks”


“Yes please” He said, smiling at me.

I made the hot chocolates and once everything was packed up outside – which took forever because we were still a bit tipsy – we headed off to bed. We were all sharing a house at the moment. Well, until the girls and I were able to have enough money to buy our own apartment to share.

I stumbled into my room laughing and threw my shoes off and got under my covers. And within a second, I was snoring.

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