A Broken family (third book in series)

This is the the third book.

Our lives are still changing some more then others and some people are becoming just a broken family, but hopefully things will change for the better, and if they don't then i don't know what will happen


1. talking to Harry

Riley's P.O.V

I had just given birth to my son Bryan and i had called everyone to come and see him and then a few minutes later Zayn,Liam and Emili and Harry came in, and they all stayed there for a few hours and then Carrie came in with Emma after everyone left and then she said

"he's beautiful Riley he looks just like you he has Niall's eyes though"

"thanks so where is Louis?"

"its a long story, can i hold your son"

"of course"

and then she held him for a bit and then Emma kissed him on the cheek and then Carrie handed him back to me and said 

"i should go it;s almost Emma's bedtime"


then she hugged us all goodbye and left and i said

"she;s right Ni he has your eyes"


Carrie's P.O.V

when i got home i saw Harry sitting on the front porch and then i opened the door and he came inside and then i said

"let me go put Emma to sleep and then we can talk or hang out"


then he kissed Emma's cheek and i went and put her in her bed and she instantly fell asleep and then i went downstairs and he said

"Louis told me you broke up with him"

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