A Broken family (third book in series)

This is the the third book.

Our lives are still changing some more then others and some people are becoming just a broken family, but hopefully things will change for the better, and if they don't then i don't know what will happen


2. Starting something new.

     I stood there for a second then I answered.

"Um yea... Its complicated." I said and sat next to him.

"Well, how about we get your mind off things. and we go out to dinner." He said.

"Um fine but I have to come right home after." I said.

"Why. Afraid of a little party." He said with a smirk.

"Um no. It's because i'm pregnant." I said trailing off at the last part.

"What?" He asked.

"Oh nothing lets go out." I said and we walked out.

     Riley's P.O.V

          I looked over at Niall and he was standing there Patiently.

"What?" I asked and laughed.

"I still haven't got to hold my son yet." He said and held out his arms. I handed him over gently.

"He's smiling." Niall said quietly laughing. "We should go home." He smiled.

"Okay." I said and slowly got out of my bed. I held my stomach and walked out. We got home and I walked Bryan up to his room and laid him his crib.

"Welcome home." I said quietly. Then Niall walked in and out his hands around my waist.

"I'm happy to start a family with you." He said and kissed my head. I turned around and looked up and kissed him. ( Yea he's like 5'10 and i'm like 5'8 yea shorter than Niall wow.)

"Me too." I said.

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