Beautiful Tragedy *Zayn Malik*

I hate everything about you, you're eyes, you're smile, you're accent. Everything. I hate how I crave the taste of your lips, I hate it how the mere thought of you makes me tingle inside. Everything about you, is a tragedy. But you, Zayn Malik, are one Beautiful Tragedy.


1. Chapter One


Clary's POV


It's the morning of my first day back at school. I honestly have been waiting for this day, since like summer began. Because I'd be starting at a new school this year. Once my parents told me, I literally started packing my things right away. 


You're probably wondering who I am, aren't you? Well, I'm Clary Sikes. The seventeen year old only daughter of a quite wealthy father. My dad's a doctor, the best doctor there is. I have my mothers strawberry blonde hair and my fathers piercing blue eyes. 


I have four brothers as well, My oldest brother, Nelson, he's nineteen,  he looks a lot like my dad, my dads black hair and blue eyes and he's very built. I was born after him, then there's my fifteen year old brother, Griffin. He has my my mothers strawberry blonde hair and her hazel eyes. 


Then there's the twins, Jakub and Michael. They're fourteen. They both look the same, blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Both looking like my father, you see ever since my mother passed away, I've been stuck in a house full of boys, and it's tiring. 


Though my family and I were only moving across town, I'd still be transferring to a different school. All my brothers and I would, although Nelson is nineteen, he still goes to school since he failed the entire twelfth grade. 


I got up out of my bed in excitement and ran to the bathroom in my pajamas. Grabbing my tooth brush and a towel on the way there, only to see my brothers are already in there, plus my father. 


"Ugh!" I groaned and they all looked at me. 

"Give us a minute!" Nelson said with his tooth brush in his mouth. 

"I have to shower, ding bat." I spat and my father looked at me. 

"Clary, go shower in the guest bathroom downstairs." He said and I nodded, running down the stairs.


Once I got down there, I got into the shower right away. I washed my hair and my body then shaved my legs, I got out of the shower, turning off the water and wrapping the towel around my body. 


The mirror was covered in steam from my hot shower, I wiped my hand across it, making it clear and looked at myself, my hair was falling all over my face, I tucked my hair back behind my ear then gathered my pajamas and left the bathroom, going back to my room. 


I shut my door behind me, going to my closet to find something to wear, It always took my awhile, I'm picky when it comes to my clothing and what I'll wear, after standing there, looking at my clothes for a good ten minutes, I decided on a baggy white sweater and a pair of black tights. 


I put that on along with my bra and undies then grabbed my dark brown combat boots and put them on, my hair was somewhat dry now, since it only goes down to my shoulders. I blow dried the rest of it then did my make up. 


Cover up, press powder, mascara, and eye liner. I then put my black beanie on my head, grabbed my back pack and went downstairs to the kitchen, of coarse, my brothers are down there first, eating their cereal. 


"Morning, Clary." My dad said, kissing my head.

"Morning, daddy." I replied, walking over to the fridge. I pulled out a banana from the crisper and a bottle of orange juice and joined my brothers at the table. "Morning, Nelson." I said, nudging my brother next to me. 

"Hey," He replied, threw his mouth full of cereal. 

"You shouldn't talk with your mouth full." I reassured him and he smirked. 

"Yeah, whatever." He said, his British accent loud and clear threw his full mouth. 


I continued to drink my juice and eat my banana when my cell phone went off it my bra. I took it out in front of my brothers and they all groaned in disgust. I rolled my eyes then unlocked my iPhone 5c, seeing I had a text message from my friend back where I used to live, Trevor. 


Trevor- Hey Clary

Clary- Hey! 

Trevor- You ready for school today? 

Clary- Hell yeah, I'm excited to start at my new school.

Trevor- I bet you are, well I'm going back to bed.

Clary- Don't you have school?

Trevor- Yeah, I'll be late. Bye Clary!

Clary- Bye, Trevor. 


I clicked off my phone and put my bottle and banana peel in the garbage, cleaning up my mess as my brothers did the same, Nelson will drive us to school every morning, due to him the only one with a car besides my father.


"Remember, you all need to go to the office to get your schedules," Daddy said. 

"I know, dad." I said to him.

"Yeah, you only told us like a hundred times." Nelson said.

"Go to school," My father said, continuing on with his news paper. Nelson nodded then lead us outside and into his jeep. Me in the front, and my three brothers in the back. Like usual. 


Nelson but his jeep in drive and we drove off towards the school, I leaned back in my seat and watched the houses as we drove by until we hit the school, it was a big white brick building with hundreds of students. 


Let's just pray that I survive threw the day.  





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