California boys (#1Dfanfic)


6. chapter 6

(Just want to say thanks to everybody who reads the book. It means a lot :) sorry I didn't update yesterday. I was really busy :) I'll do a double update tomorrow to make up for it)

When we finally reach the diner that I have learned is called 'the box' creative I know, Louis is still carrying me on his back even though I have stopped laughing. The pain in my chest is still there but it's not as bad as it was a while ago. Today has turned out to be the best I've had in a long time and it's only 4:00pm. It's my first day in San Francisco and I have already made friends.

When Louis walks into the the box with me on his back with my arms and legs rapped tightly around him, we get funny looks from a group of teenagers sitting in a booth. Louis turns his head over to them and sticks up his middle finger as we hear them giggle and whisper to each other while looking over at us. " don't mind them" he says looking back at me. " their just pricks" he says it loud enough so that they can hear and they instantly stop their gossiping.

When we reach the counter to order the woman behind the till raises an eyebrow at us and Louis and I do the same. She just shakes her head and giggles to herself. "Can I take your order ?" she asks. She sounds almost as cheery as that Aisling girl. Uhhhhh. " I'll have a burger and fries" Louis says looking at the girl and up to me "what do you want?" He asks smiling as the words leave his lips. "I'll have the same" I say looking at the woman as she tells us to take a seat and our food will be right down.

Louis walks to the booth closest to the counter and leans forward to let me down. My pink toms hit the red leather seat of the booth. When he walks to the other side of the booth I'm still standing on the sofa like set. I quickly sit myself down in the booth and Louis does the same. "Can I get ye guys drinks" I look up and a pink haired waitress is standing above us. I look at Louis and he answers for us. "Two vitamin waters, blueberry" he says and smiles at the waitress and looks back at me. "Vitamin water blueberry? I have never heard of vitamin water never mind blueberry flavoured" I giggle as I say it and he laughs with me. "Gosh, really! Is so good!" He says and smiles. " here you go" said the pink headed waitress from earlier who's name I've learned from her name tag is marine. "Thanks" I say as she puts two bottles of purple water down in forint of us along side two glasses and she walks away. "Here goes nothing" I say opening the water bottle and pouring it into a glass. It looks weird but oh well. I tip the glass back as I take a sip. "It's nice" I say sitting the glass down on the table. He giggles and takes a sip from his glass. "You know" he begins "I prefer the raspberry". He smiles and I laugh as he calls over our waitress and orders 2 of every vitamin water flavour they have, she nods and walks away. This should be fun, I think.

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