California boys (#1Dfanfic)


2. chapter 2

After slamming the car door and storming inside thinking about how upset I decide that I will just go up to the guest bedroom where I will be sleeping while I paint my bedroom. We got the house furnished and my mom payed a bunch of strangers to unpack are stuff while we were coming over. I made sure that my mom told them to leave all my stuff packed up and it was to be left in the guest room.

I quickly find the stairs and race up the brown mahogany steps and into the first bedroom on the right, closing the door behind me. The room is crimson with a thick white strip about half way up. There is a double bed with a red duvet and a white fleece at the end. The pillows are the same design as the wall.

As I bring myself over to the bed to rest I hear a knock at the door. Great I can't even take a cat nap. "Sky" my mom says and knocks again. "What?" I say and I walk towards the door to open it. I rip open the door and look at her. I give her that 'what the hell do you want, I'm tired and really busy' look. She just waves it off like it doesn't bother her but it really does. "Skyly, come down and meet the neighbours" "mom, first, stop calling me skyly, I'm not five. Secondly, let me get myself in a presentable state". She the looks me up and down and nods in agreement and leaves. As she walks down the hallway I hear her say "5 minute sky".

I shut the door and race to the box on the floor that says 'clothes and beauty" and rip it open. I grab my pink denim playsuit and my hair brush, my make up seams to be in tact. I take off my black leggings and purple t-shirt and throw on the play suit. The end comes to a few inches below my butt and is tight, making my curves show, making me look good. I then take the ponytail from my hair and brush it, making my curls bounce. I walk towards the door and open it looking back at the room. I take a deep breath in and hope I don't regret going down stairs.

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