Alexandria's story, New Things Ahead.

This is book 2 of my series. Sequel to, The Life of Alexandria Swan ( Twilight)
Continue Lexi's story, as New moon comes. If you haven't read my first book, I suggest you should.
Lexi and Bella's birthday coming up, see what they have in store for them. You might even learn new and interesting this about Lexi.
copy right for idea wise is mine, but everything and everyone except Lexi belongs to the original creator! :-)
short description, sorry, please read, and enjoy. :-)


10. The Volturi

Alice and I ran (human pace) to the clock tower. Alice told me that Edward's safe. Alice opens the door. When we walk in, I see Bella and a shirtless Edward. And two vampire guys. Then a short blonde girl walks in. "Jane." Edward says. "Aro sent me to see what's taking so long." Jane says. We slowly follow her. Bella looks back at Alice. "Just do what she says." Alice says to her.
We walk, and walk, until we get to an elevator. We all got in. I think it was awkward. Think about it, 5 vampires, 2 humans, in a small cramped space, with opera music.
When we got out we walk down another hallway. We end up at big doors. Jane opens them to reveal a throne room. "Ah, What a surprise. She's alive after all. Ah, wonderful. I love happy endings. They are so rare." a guy, who I presume is Aro, says. He then grabs Edward's hand. He says something in Italian. I think I need to learn Italian.
"Her blood appeals to you. It makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?" Aro continued.
"It's not without difficulty." Edward says. "I can see that." Aro says.
"Aro can see everything into the past in one touch, and know everything. So get on with it." Edward explains
"You're quite the soul reader yourself Edward. Though you can't read Bella's thoughts. Fascinating. I would like to see if you're an exception to my gifts as well. would you do me the honors." Aro asks, holding out his hand to Bella. Bella walks up to him, and gave him, her hand.
"Interesting...... I see nothing." he says while letting her hand go. "I wonder, let us see if she is immune to all our powers. Shall we Jane?" Aro says. Jane has a smug look on her face. Edward looks panicked, "No." he says, then starts running towards Jane. Jane looks at him, and simply says, "Pain." and next thing you know, Edward is on the ground, in actual pain. Alice went to his side. Bella tries to get to him, but a guy that was next to Jane, stops her.
"Stop, Stop, please stop!" Bella begs. Jane stops. "Go ahead Jane." Aro says. Jane looks at Bella, "This might hurt a bit." she tells her. The she stares intensely at Bella, but nothing happened. What stops Jane intense staring, was Aro's laughing.
"Remarkable. So what do we do with you now?"  Aro asks. "You know already know what you're going to do, Aro." one of the men, that were sitting on a throne, says.
"She knows to much. She's a liability." the other man, with blonde hair says.
"That's true................. Felix." Aro says. A vampire was going to go at Bella. But Edward stops him. Alice gets stoped from moving in to help by another vampire. And I was having a panic room situation in my head.
Edward and Felix kept fighting. It got to the point, where Edward was going to get his head ripped off. They fought some more. Broke a concrete bench. Felix flipped Edward, and broke concrete stairs. Vampire or not, that had to hurt. Then Felix position Edward to rip his head off.
"Please, no, no! Please!! Please!!! Kill me, Kill me! not him." Bella says. Aro stops Felix. I stayed behind Bella, scared, not only for my life, but for all of us.
Aro walks up to us. "How extraordinary. You would give up your life, for someone like us? A vampire. A soulless monster?" Aro says. "You don't know a thing about a soul." Bella says.
Aro starts to speak Italian, again.... Then, "Your sister... Does she possess the same abilities you do?" Aro asks, looking at me. He holds his hand out. "No she doesn't." Bella says quickly, standing in front of me, in a more protective way. I put my hand on her arm, "It's ok." I say softly. I move around her, and gave Aro my hand. He looks dazed for awhile, then he looks at me. "You have an amazing voice my dear. You're very talented. Ah, I see you're the mate of the  Emotions Manipulator, Jasper. I see you would do anything to protect the ones you love." Aro says then let's go of my hand. I took a step back, next to Bella. (?)-"It's just a  saddness, for there intention not to give you two immortality." Aro says. He starts to walk up to us. "Wait! They will be one of us. I've seen it. I'll change them myself." Alice says. She walks up to Aro to show him.
" Fascinating, to see what you have seen, before it has happened. Your gifts would make for an intriguing immortals, Isabella ......e.......Alexandria. I'll let you go for now. Make your preparations." Aro says.
Edward walks to Bella, and Alice went to me, I was freaking out, in my mind. I wasn't going to show those creepy royal freaks fear.
We walk out. We walk past a group of tourist heading to where we just left. There was small children in that group. Three seconds after they entered, we could hear all their screams.
All you could hear was their screams.


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