Alexandria's story, New Things Ahead.

This is book 2 of my series. Sequel to, The Life of Alexandria Swan ( Twilight)
Continue Lexi's story, as New moon comes. If you haven't read my first book, I suggest you should.
Lexi and Bella's birthday coming up, see what they have in store for them. You might even learn new and interesting this about Lexi.
copy right for idea wise is mine, but everything and everyone except Lexi belongs to the original creator! :-)
short description, sorry, please read, and enjoy. :-)


1. Birthday

~~ I walk out of the woods to a clearing. I look across the clearing and I could see two people. I squint my eyes a little and I see both my. grandma's. I heard something next to me.

I look to see Bella, she looks at me. Then we hear someone walking out of the woods. We look to see to see Jasper and Edward. The sun was out, so that means, "What are you two doing, they'll see you!" Bella and I, say at the same time. They kept on walk over to us, like we said nothing. They start to sparkle a bit. They lead both of us towards the middle of the field. Our Grans start to walk forward too.

When we met in the middle, Bella starts to introduce Edward, but stops short. I look over at her. She moves her hand forward, and so does Gran, (the one across from her).

They touch, but it seemed more like she touched a mirror. I look back at Bella, to see she's old. Wait, what. I look at my other Gran. She just stared back at me. I move my hand towards her, to see if she was real, but she starts to do the same thing. When we touch, it felt like a mirror.

I look at my hand. It looks like hers. No, no!! I look at Jasper. He grabs my hand, and kisses it, "Happy Birthday, Darlin'"~

I woke up with a gasp. I look around to see I was in Bella's room. She was awake, and breathing hard, like me. We must of had the same dream.

I heard a knock on the door. It opens to reveal Dad. "Happy birthday." he walks in with three presents.

"I thought we told you, no presents." Bella says.

"Well, the ones from me aren't wrapped, so doesn't count." he says, handing Bella a silver camera and me a white camera.

"Thanks dad." we say. "These are from your mom. we coordinated, well she coordinated me." he tells us, handing the boxes to us. We unwrap then, to find photo books.

"It's to put your pictures in at the end of the year. Senior year. How'd you two get old so fast?" he asks.

"We didn't. We're not that old." I tell him. "Well I don't know. Is that a gray hair?" he says, looking at my head. "No." I say, getting up, and look in the mirror.

My hair is fine!!

When I get to school, the first thing I'm greeted with, is a kiss. I honestly didn't see it coming.

After Jasper pulls away, I'm pulled into a hug, by Alice. "Happy birthday!!" she says. "Thanks." I say with a little laugh.

We start walking down the hall, when we see Bella and Edward. Alice sped up ahead of us, and jumped over a railing. "Bella! Happy birthday!" Alice says. Bella shhed, her. Alice pulls a present out. " I thought I said no presents." Bella says.

"oh don't worry. I already saw you open it, and love it. Come over tonight, our place.... come on please. It'll be fun." Alice practically begged. I laugh lightly. " Ok. Alright." Bella agrees. Alice squeals, "Great! I'll see you at seven." Alice says, then walks back over to us.

"Jasper.. No fare! with the mood control." Bella kinda whines. Alice and I laugh at that. "Sorry Bella. Happy...(Bella glares at him)... Never mind." Jasper says. Then we all walk away.

My first class is with Alice and Jasper. I practically have all my classes with at least one Cullen. Plus I get to start of my day with my favorite class, History.

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