The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


2. ChapterTwo

And that was then did I realize that the styles family was in my house



Addie's Pov.

"Addie honey would you come down",I hear my moms voice yell

No no mom I don't want to please please please mom come on

"Addie?",my mom says agin

Oh god

"Coming",I yelled back ugh out of all the guest of guest out their she chooses the one with the evil boy


He was the kid who bullied me for like ever ever since we were kids for no reason

My mom said it was because he liked me but I'm pretty sure it was because he hated my guts

I breath out and step out approaching my mother waiting for me as everyone else chattered at the table

"Oh their you are Addie I was getting worried",my mom said patting my back

"Um mom what are they doing here",I say raising a brow

"Their are guest",she speaks pulling my into the kitchen

And once I walked in everything was dead silent

I could literally hear crickets

"Addie?",Anne says

"Hi",I say walking slowly up to her

"Oh you've gotten so big",she says hugging me lightly I smile brightly and look at the man bye her

"Oh my bad this my husband robin and daughter Gemma",she says touching them both

"Hi",I say

"Oh and you know Harry",she says sitting down next to robin

"Yea ... ",I say locking contact with Harry but then I quickly look away

He looked so different from when we were kids I remember when we were kids that he would always push me down and call me names and I would tell his mom

And yet agin his mom would tell me the same thing my mom would say "he likes you"

And then days and years went bye and I haven't seen him since

"Take a seat Hun",my mom says sitting down next Gemma

I look around and see that the only open seat was next to Harry

Gosh why does this day keep getting worse and worse

"Sit",my mom says

"Okay"I say sitting and crossing my legs

I looked around the dining room examining the things I had already saw before

In till I felt a cold soft hand land softly on my thigh

I jumped gasping

"What?",my mom said widening her eyes

My mouth was left open as Harry smirked

"Uh just um that um Harry said he forgot were the bathroom was and I was shocked cuz we used to always play here when we were kids didn't you Harry",I say completely lying

"Hmm I don't know if that's what I quite said",he said smiling

"Um of course it is no need to be shy Harry hey I'll show you it",I say bolting up and pulling Harry away with me I pulled him far away from the kitchen

"What the hell",I say

"What?",he says innocently

"What? Seriously I'm pretty sure you no what you did and you can't do that",I say straightening my posture

"Why",he smirks taking a step towards me

"Because",I say

"Because what",he says his face nearly 3 inches away from mine

"B because",I say getting lost in the the his glowing orbs

He leaned in slowly

"Addie?!?!",i hear my mother voice say

I quickly push him away and look at me mom with wide eyes

Oh my gosh

"Mom",I say covering my mouth I glance at her and then stare at Harry who was currently on his phone

He quickly puts it away and I walk up to my mom pulling her away

"Mom we didn't-",

"When were you planning on telling me this",my mom says

"Huh? Telling you what",

"That you and Harry are dating",she says smiling brightly



Ahhh okay so I changed this one and some other because I felt like the story was kind of out of place so I hope you like this chapter and I'll update soon



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