The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


3. ChapterThree




Addie's Pov.

I nervously pasted around the balcony floor as the cold breeze Past my face it was all a mistake and now I made it worse by almost kissing him and know my mom think who told my dad which told Harry's step dad and then who told his mom

And now everyone thinks we are eww dating

And we're not just the wrong time wrong place for my mom to come a ruin things cough cough I mean see things

I stopped pacing and looked out to the city lights ahead

I felt a pair of hands snake around my waist and I quickly pushed away

"Stop",I say looking back out to the sky

"Look I'm sorry okay",Harry says

"Aw thanks but apology not accepted",I smile

It's quite for a minute before I'm yanked back

"Owe what the hell are you do-",I was cut of by hand covering my mouth

"Shhh",he says

"Mmm",he let's go and I breath heavily

"Look I'm sorry okay I'm sorry that you got caught and now your mom wait no whole family thinks were dating but what do you expect me to do",he says

"Really I got caught so it's all my fault oh how nice sure in the one who leaned in",I say rolling my eyes

"Well you could of have pushed me away but you didn't so their for it is",he says

I narrow my eyes at him

"Your an ass I hope you no that",I say turning away

But he was right I could have pushed him away but I didn't and that's probably why I got in trouble I sighed and looked at the city lights as millions of things crossed my mind

Like how my life is totally efed up now and how I'm going to fix all this

In till one of those things gave me and idea

"Hey",I say biting my lip softly

"Hm",he said

"Let's play the love game",I say

"The what?",he said I turned to him slowly as a smirk appeared over my face

"I hate you and you hate my so let's play the love game",



Hey hey hey so I updated all the chapters now their all done so read and then I can finally start making chapters instead of editing them anyway stay smily and eat a lot of pancakes are waffles or whatever bye



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