The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


6. ChapterSix


Addie's Pov.

We sat on the couch catching up on what has been happening to us while we were away he told me things such as got in a band got super famous and made down new friends and I explained how I went to college got out of college and made new friends

"Well that's cool" ,he says putting his arms around me and pulling me close to him whilst biting his lip

"Damn your so fine",he says

"And damn you needa stop",I say pushing him off me and walking around in front of him

"Hey just because were inside doesn't mean we can't at least practice",he says pulling me down to his lap

"I know it's just we don't have to ... yet",I say

"Uh ever heard of the saying practice make perfect," he says placing his hands in my lap

A long cold shiver runs down my spin I jump

"Seriously quit",I growl

"Come on Addie just trust me",I wouldn't do anything you wouldn't want me to",he says smirking

"I know",I say closing my eyes

I breath in holding my self together

"What is it",he says

"I Don't have anything to wear for the party",I randomly blurt

He looks at me weird

"Well I might",he said smirking

"Well I mean I might have something",he says scratching the back of his neck and walking off I quickly follow him not trying to get lost in this forrest of a house

We entered the same bedroom as before

As Harry approached a huge closet

I thought it wasn't that big in till I heard him calling me from inside

I approached the closet taking a peak inside to be amazed bye the size

"Whoa",I say walking inside

"I know right and I don't even use half of it",he says kicking some things around

"Wow quite a mess ya got on here oh and look",,I say picking up a velvet red bra

"Looks like this is a little more than just your average closet",I say tossing it out and dusting of my hands

"Well",I say walking around inside

"Oh yea reminds me",he says pulling put his phone

"I gotta call that girl back and tell her were over",he says tossing me a ruby red dress before closing the closet door slightly

Should I even ask why he has this here it was probably from the girl he had last night before he threw him out

So cliche

After finishing putting the dress on I had looked at my self in the mirror

Yes their is a mirror in this closet

I dug around in my back pockets of the jeans laying on the ground

To find out I had no makeup but the some I have on

I took my hair outa it messy bun letting it fall to my shoulder in curly waves

Harry's Pov.

I scrolled around on my phone bored amused and stunned from the reaction I got from Megan she wasn't mad surprised or offended that I broke things off she was more like self satisfied which was strange

I was quickly pulled outa my thoughts when I heard Addie call my name

"Yea",I say giving her a quick glance before looking back at my phone wait whoa

"How do I look",she says twirling around making her hair fly

A smirk spreaders across my face as I saw her twirl

"You look good",I say

She smiles sweetly

"Ah that's good I was getting worried their for a second one because I didn't have makeup and to this dress was kind of short", she says

"Well it better short than long",I say

"It would be you to say something like that",she says smiling at me

Addie's Pov.

"Well I gotta get ready but you can stay if you want",he smirks

"Ew no I'm going",

I exited the room

Walking down the large curved steps like a princess making an entrance to a ball

Man I love this house


After several hours of sitting at the couch and watching Boring tv shows

I started to get worried

He hadn't been down unlike for ever and the sun had already began to set

I looked back in forth up the steps and tv before I finally decided to walk up the steps

Sliding my palm on the smooth marble colored railing I made my way up the curving steps setting my foot on the last one before looking around

"Harry?",I say pushing on his door lightly

"Harry?",I whispered more to my self

I walked in seeing he was on the phone

He quickly snaps back to me like he felt my presence

"Oh sorry",I say walking back out

"Oh no it's okay",he says motioning for me to come in I smile slightly and close the door slightly walking over to the huge king sized white bed

Most of the stuff in here was white it was very modernish and it look like one of this really cool action movies rooms at night

"Yea man of course I'm coming",he said smirking whilst holding the phone

"I was busy then that's why and who in the hell seriously comes to a party when the light still is out ..... Ha whatever mate",he says laughing

"Yea alright man I gotta go see you In like .... Uh ten maybe 20 minutes",he says

"Yea whatever alright bye",he says putting the phone down and exiting a few things he look back at me

The light of the setting sun slightly hitting his face

He smirks and gets up twirling me to him

I gasps

"Don't worry babe I don't bite",he says looking into my eyes

"Okay",I say slipping outa his grip

"Shouldn't we go to the party your friend seemed pretty determined to have you their",I say smiling

"Yea I guess ....",he says looking around for something then his eyes slowly travel back up to me

"Or we can just stay here",he says

I laugh slightly

"No no no we possibly can't because we wouldn't possibly have anything here to do",I say walking to the door

But he quickly grabs my wrist and pulls me to him

"I could think of a whole lot of things we could do",he says smirking

Oh boy

"Yea were going",I say quickly pulling him outa the room


We drove in complete quietness the only thing heard was the low volume of the radio playing a unknown song

"Are you sure you wanna go I mean we could have just stayed at home and",he started but I cut him off mid sentence

"I'm sure Harry",I say quite annoyed he has been complaining all threw the ride it was getting me frustrated

"Well then were here",he said as the sound of work from iggy becomes louder

"Good",I say pushing open the car door

Harry quickly rushes to my side

"Are you sure I mean theirs some people here that are crazy",he says

"God Harry it's like you don't want me to go your were the one begging me to come here in the first place you asked me like 17 teen times and know when all the no and pleases I threw at you you don't want me to go .... Is their someone here you don't want me to meet",I say looking at Harry dead in the eye

Harry's Pov.

"Is their someone here you don't want me to meet",she says looking me dead in the eye

Of course their was like all my exes my overly drunk friends and a whole lot of regret

"No",I quickly lied she narrowed her eyes at me smirking slightly

"Okay then I'm going in",she says I nod

"I'm not turning back",she says her hand in the nob",he raises a brow

Addie's Pov.

I shrug and open the door


It was like all hell broke through as we walked in their were people making out on couches people drinking grinding sucking and not even mentioned drunk as hell

Maybe Harry was right it was a bad idea to come here

"Harry your right we should leave",I say waiting for him to pull me out

"Harry",I say looking back oh no he's gone I look around but no were to be found


I walked into the not so very crowed kitchen

Looking around


"Hey their ruby red what's brings you here",I hear someone slur I look down at my dress then the guy i study his face he had brown hair and turquoise blue eyes and a charming smile

"Oh uh I was just looking for a friend",I say

Boyfriend to be exact

"What's the name",he says hovering over me I swallow

"Harry?",I say he suddenly backs away from me

"Damn",I could hear him mumble after his face was blank his charming smile came back

"Oh well he's probably over here and I'm Louis by the way",He says motioning for me to follow him

I follow him through the crowded house that reeked of alcohol,weed,and sweaty body's

"Addie",I say back

covering my nose as the smell filled my nose wholes he stopped a amused smile on his face

"Nice",he says

Wait why'd we stop

"Is he who your looking for",he says biting his lip I looked up at Louis and then at the dance floor

My jaw literally dropped as my eyes began to steam

Their was Harry on the dance floor with some blonde chick with his hands all over her is this the reason why he didn't want me to come here to hide that he had a secret girlfriend and he tried to hide it damn him

I couldn't watch any more as they kissed I quickly turned away

F him I didn't know he just jump up on all that no

"Please excuse me Louis",I say anger filling my vains he looks at me wide eyed before I run of pushing past a few people

I couldn't think I couldn't see and I didn't care I dumped into someone falling down but they quickly caught me

"Sorry",I mumble

"No no I'm sorry so sorry",the soft voice says I look up to meet with a couple of Carmel brow eyes and red snap back

"Im Liam",he says his eyes twinkling

"I'm Addie",I say smiling lightly

As he took in my appearance his eyes widen

"Oh my god what happened",he said

I pushed past him approaching the same kitchen and saw all kinds of drinks everywhere I don't care how wasted I got I just wanted to forget everything

I poured every drink before devouring them all

"Whoa whoa",slow down I hear a British voice say

I turn around half wasted and smirk

"And what's your name",I say cascading my hands up his shirt

"I'm Zayn",he says smirking

"I like the name Zayn it reminds me of a soft kiss",I say before turning around in his arms and laughing and softly kissing his lips

I heard the song locked outa heaven play and I jumped up grabbing him by the wrist

"Let's dance",I say pulling him out to the dance floor

I swayed slowly in his Arms as he had his hands around my waist

"I Like you Addie",he says

"Ah then that's a life savor because I think I do to",I say turning around in his arms Calvin Harris thinking about you came on which made me have to go pee

"I'll be right back",I yelled over the music I skipped away

The sound pounded hard making everything shake I'm pretty sure it was at 100 no fuck that 3000

"Are you okay",the guy says sitting in front of me

"No I needa go pee",I said

"Haha I'll show you the bathroom",he said smirking

"Okay blonde",I said pulling him away as he laughed

"It's Niall by the way",he said

"Addie",I introduced he smiled



Hehe good hats I'm done with editing haha I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the story stay beautiful and yea bye


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