The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


7. ChapterSeven



Addie's Pov.

I woke up to the light snoring of someone beside me

I quickly turned to the side to see a sleeping Harry nuzzled up beside me

I smile moving his hair outa his face and turn back around closing my eyes drifting on to-


"Harry Harry get up now",I say sternly

"No just a couple more minutes",he says his voice muffled by his pillow I stand up and stare down at him

"No not a couple minutes now!!!",I say pulling the blankets off his in tire body

"Oh god come on Megan what is it this time",he says pulling the blankets back up to him

"Megan what the hell Harry seriously",I say looking around for my shoes

"Yea wait oh god I'm so sorry",Harry says jumping outa the bed and dashing over to him

I stick up the middle finger and walk out wiping of the fact that he had called me Megan who the hells Megan

I make it downstairs looking around for my pants which I couldn't find


"Okay look I'm sorry Addie okay I messed up",Harry said bouncing

I look at him slowly

"Oh okay I forgive you Harry and how about I give you a hug and then we jump of the bridge hand in hand",I say sarcastically Harry frowns

"Well that's not very nice",Harry says smirking

"Didn't want it to",I say leaving the room

"Wait were do you think your going",Harry says running after me

"Home",I state

"No you can't",he says quickly

"Why",I say looking back at him

"Because I may have sorta already told your parents that you would move in with me",he says my mouth fell agape

"No you did not",I said

"I kinda did",he said

I stared at him narrowing my eyes but then smirking once a idea popped in my head

"Fine then I'll move I with you but only on one condition",I say smirking

"Since were playing the love game that I've created I've decided to change a few rules",I say

"Okay",he says

"First ... I don't have to do everything you say if it's inappropriate",I say walking up to him

"Two If I wanna do and you wanna do it then we could do it but that quite unlikely to happen so please stop your attempts",I say walking closer

"Three since we have to act like were dating I can say no because couples are like that saying yes to everything would resolute in falseness and dominance",I say

"Four no lying to either or cheating even though this is fake",I say

"And five ...",I say stopping and just in front of him smirking

"this",I say twirling around

"Is not for you to touch",I say

"Deal",I say putting my hand out he smirks and grabs my hand shaking it




Hehehhe I'm done with editing now I can just write freely and multiple the chapters I'm so happy y'all I wanna cry anyway I'll try to update soon but Since school rolled in I might have to update on like Fridays and weekends and just maybe ever day after school at like 5

But anyway bye stay lovely and bye


-British+Irish XD

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