The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


4. ChapterFour


Addie's Pov.

I woke up the sun shinning in through my white glass window

I stretched before moving all the fluffy yellow blankets of me

I reached over to my end table and grabbed my phone checking all my messages I yawned before putting it down and getting up

I dragged myself across my bedroom to my closet

I opened the doors and looked inside

It was empty oh yea I forgot to pack up the rest of my stuff

I went over to my suitcase and picked out a few clothes then moved to the bathroom to change

I finished brushing my teeth and hair and picked up my phone before sliding it in my back jean pocket


I'm wearing baby blue converse light blue Hollister jeans and a white shirt with nitted ends

I walked down the long halls scrolling down my phone when I saw something strange I swear I saw Harry I looked around and saw the bathroom door opens just a crack I took a quick peek

Oh my god

He's he's shirtless I could see him through the door checking his own self out ugh like who could like that

But if you look at me I am checking him out my self so yea looking away now I hurry walk down the steps entering the front room

"Morning ad",my little sister Leena says

"Morning",I say

"Can you believe that Harry styles is in are house",she says excitedly


"Oh my your so lucky Harry's yours",Leena said frowning

"Mine",I pause and laugh

Ahahaha oh my god you seriously think Harry styles is my boyfriend",I laugh

"Yea why",she says confused

"Because he's n-",

"Hey girls",I hear a way to familiar voice say I sigh


"I'm leaving",I say

"Nice to see you to",Harry says

"Oh no I saw you earlier you were in the bathroom with no shirt o- hey would you look at that it's a tv I'll go turn it on",I say walking off but Harry grabs my arm

"Hold up I need talk to you",he says smirking he pulls me down the hall behind the stairs and pushes me up against the wall

"Ah what are you doing",I say he puts his hand on my heart and by that time my heart was already beating really fast what was he Doing

"They say when a girls heart beats really fast when she's around a boy that she likes them",Harry says looking up to me

" .... Well I don't like you",I say looking at the wall in front of me

"Then why'd you hesitate",he says smirking

"I didn't hesitate",I say

"You did to",he says

"I did not",

"You so did",he smirks

"Look I don't like yo-",

All of a sudden a pair of soft lips smash into mine

Harry's long fingers travel down my side going down to my jeans he keeps one of his hands on my cheek and the other on the buckle of my pants

"Harry!!!",I say my voice muffled

"Ahh Harry stop it what are you Doing",I say trying to push him of me but he had me pinned strongly to the wall

"Shhhh",he says kissing my neck my heart was beating really fast right now that I could hear it

"Mmm Harry this isn't right uh, what are you doing",I say biting my lip

"I'm testing you",he says

"Well stop",I say pushing him away

"No but seriously I really need to talk to you",he says backing away

"Okay what?",I say

"I have a few minor rules for or little game",he says smirking


"Well one:Your considered my girlfriend but since it's unofficial we're allowed to see other people so don't get mad when I'm with another",he smirks

"Two:Were unofficial inside but official outside",

"And",he says pausing and looking at me seriously

"Don't fall in love with me",he says I laugh

"Hahaha me ha fall in love with you ha never in a million years but sure let's play",I say smiling

"Let's play",


Tk anyway I hope you liked this sorry if it kinda crappy I had a good chapter but it all deleted so I had to put down what was remembered but I do apologize agin anyway look out for chapter changes and yea have a nice Labor Day

-British+Irish xD

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