The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


5. ChapterFive


Addie's Pov.

After I kissed Harry I started to freak I don't no what had gone into me at first we hated either after being away for so long and then

He kisses me and then now we like either I mean not that I like him

Like I really really don't like him but I don't know why I allowed him to do that

"Morning Addie",my mom chirps when I walk into the kitchen

"Morning",I sigh I sit at the table a put my hand under my chin starting of into space

Mom's Pov.

I greeted Addie when she walked and I could tell that something was up she never acts like this unless something she did changed her

I approached her dusting of my hands and then sitting down in front of her

"What's going on Addie",

Addie's Pov.

"What's going on Addie",my mom said sitting in front of me

I look at her and bite my lip

"You promise me you won't freak",I say putting both my hands on the table

"Yes I promise now what's up",she says

"Okay",I breath in and then out

"Harry kissed me",I say looking at my mom she raises her brow

"Well isn't he supposed to",she says

"What do you ohhh",

She frowns

"He didn't touch you did he",my mom says

"If I say yes will you scream",I say

"Depends",she says I sigh and roll my eyes

"Then no",I say

Oh good then",my mom says

"Because you don't want me to get you started on the bugs and bees",she starts

"Mom no no no",I say face palming

"Hey guys what's up",Harry says sitting next to me oh great god he's here

"Nothing just talking",my mom says

"Yea well ima go",I say getting up and following Harry out

"What was all that",he says raising his brow

"I have no idea",I say walking off with him

"So",he says looking at me

"Do you wanna come over to my place",he says

"Uh I guess I could",I say grabbing my phone and checking the time

"Yea sure",

"Okay well come on",he says grabbing my hand he intwines it with his and we walk of


Addie's Pov.

The drive was long and quite and awkward i mean we talked sometimes

But most of the times it was super quite

We reached the house and it was beautiful to tell you their was absolute no way to describe it it just makes you speechless

"Whoa",I say as I entered the big nice house when you walk in those to spiral staircase leading up and large marble floor

"Cool",I say walking around Harry closes the door behind us

"I know right",he says smirking

"Wanna see upstairs",

"Why not",I say he smiles and grabs my hand pulling me up the stairs

"Whoa were are we going",I say as we entered a room

"Now where",he says smirking

He closes the door behind us

"Nice bedroom",I say sitting on the bed

"Yea hey",he says sitting down next to me


"You should come to a party with me tonight",he says

"No no and no",I say

"The last thing I need is me getting drunk and acting like a fool

"Come on please",he cooed


"Fine",he says pushing me down

"What are you Doing",

"Nothing except tickling you till you say yes",he smirks

"No no ahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha",I laugh

"Oh oh okay okay I'll go haha stop hahah",

He stops and smirks

"I hate you",



So their chapter five hahah changed some parts so read over most the chapters except for maybe chapter one anyway bye

Love ya guys


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