The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


8. ChapterEight

ChapterEight :)

Addie's Pov.

A cold breeze blew in through the open balcony door and I shivered biting my lip

"Are you cold",I hear harry whisper from the other side from me

"Nah I'm okay",I quickly lie its silent for a while before I feel my body pulled into something warm and have blankets put all over me

"You already violated one of your own rules",he said wrapping his arms around my waist

"No I didn't",I say moving around

"Now let me go please I didn't lie",

It's quiet for a while before I hear light snoring next to me



"Harry wake up",but he just snores louder

Dear god someone please help me

Starring into the dark as I got pulled closer to the boy closer to me

I fell asleep and it didn't fell bad the way I was I actually scooted closer and I could swear he smirked


I woke up the morning sun gleaming into my eyes I yawned stretching to the side and falling of the bed

"Wow",I said to my self before shaking my head and getting up

The first day here and I don't know what to do

Maybe ... Find Harry


I walked down the large spiral steps making my way around this castle

Jk haha

But it's bigger than my house so yea

We're are you Harry boy

I hear laughter and chatter coming from a room ahead

Is he talking on the phone or is he talking to someone

Taking my hair puta the long ponytail as I walked towards the place were he was

My eyes widen before me as so did the others


Haha so theirs chapter eight and I just wanna say sorry for the wait and also sorry that this is short it's just that I was so busy writing the rest of the story down below

Hahaha I hope I got some of you guys but hey I'm also deciding to do a new series to since I'm going on break soon so stay tuned for that to

Enjoy your reading


Holy crap I stood their gawking how did this why is this no flipping way This is just un real

What sat in front of me was the four boys I meet at the party

Louis . Zayn . Liam . And . Niall

You know I should have know that this would happen especially the story Harry told me yesterday

I'm so dumb

"Um hi",I say awkwardly running my hands through my hair as I walked over to Harry who pulled me down to his lap which made thing much more awkward

"Why didn't you get changed",he whispered smiling at the boys who starred at us stupidly

"A gee I don't know maybe because um I left all my clothes at my parents house before you suddenly pushed me to be here,"I whispered back fakely smiling he rolled his eyes pushing me of to the side

"Well",I say crossing my legs

It's quite for a bit before I speak

"Well this is awkward as hell",I say

"Yea I was about to say the same",Niall says before looking up at me those big blue eyes and smiling kindly which made me blush of course

"I'm ni-",He starts but I cut him off quickly

"I know .. Who, you all are",I say

Looking down

Harry glares at me

"What I do",I say smiling

It gets real quite

"How",he says agin and I could already tell he was getting jealous so what I'm bout to tell him is not going very helpful to the situation

"Well um ... It was at the party when I meet them all not knowing who they were to you",I start

"I don't even want to hear the story",Harry says

"Well your gonna so shut up and plus where were you all through out the night",I say smirking as all the boys oooed and Harry shut his mouth

"Now as I was saying it all started out at the party their I meet louis who was sorta creepy at the beginning .. And then super nice at the end",I say looking at louis he bites his lip while the rest of the boys laugh

"But but then that was when I saw Harry",I say looking at him

"where",he says

"On the dance floor with Gee I don't know Megan maybe ring any bells",I say as all the boys oooed agin

"So then I got mad and I left louis to only bump into to caramel brown eyes Liam and then quickly fled doing some things I regret and then meeting Zayn which I flirted with",I smirked looking at Zayn who was blushing

"And then we danced for a while intill I had to go pee and then I meet Niall who showed me up to the .. Bathroom",I said slowly

"So that's the whole thing",Harry says looking at me

"Yes",I say getting up

"And know I'm going to go back to visit my parents so I can get some things",I say walking off

"Want me to take you",Harry says

I stop and think

"Nah Niall will you drive me",

"Um okay",he says getting up slowly and following me


Oh my so their is chapter eight finally sorry like I said before

For taking like so long I'm sorry for that school homework and brothers below grade level are to blame so yea I'll try to update maybe every Friday I just did today because I stayed home today hahah and yea so bye my lovelies

-British+Irish XD

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