Time and destiny are what mankind calls our limits, but what happens when limits are cut short just for one man—Harry Styles, and he's able to control both time and destiny?


1. Prologue




    Some say that the sky is our limit but in reality, we're the limits themselves.

   All our lives, from generation to generation, we're told what we're able to dowhat our capabilities are, and how we're supposed to use them. Not once has anyone challenged our cultureour way of living, and bent it backwards.

  No one ever expected someone to actually bend everything out of placeto change the world they lived in so drastically, but didn't even know it.

  They said that time is the ultimate limit that an't be bent, but once again, mankind is too oblivious for it's own good.

  Destiny is unexplainable. Some people believe you just have to go with every gut decision you have, but others believe you need to have a guide. The problem with having a guide is that you're relying on someone else to create your life; what you'll be doing for the next 20-30 years of your life.

  Time is delicate, almost like a flower's petal. Although you can't see it, it happens regardless. The process is almost like a rose growing, it's programmed to happen. No matter what you do, a rose will grow somewhere. It may not happen at where you want it to be, but it has a purpose of doing so.

   One man was chosen to control these things. Destiny and time are in the palm of his hands. These things are supposed to be limitedvaried. But of course there's always some sort of exception.

   The limit is cut short, and handed to Harry Styles.

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