Another Wise Girl

I once had a twin but when I was seven she practically disappeared off the face of the earth. My name is Taylor Chase and I will find my twin.


3. Ms. Dodds is a Furry?

We all headed out to lunch and I saw my algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds, staring at Percy and I. That woman gave me the creeps. She always was mean to me. I just didn't get it, I aced her class anyway. Well, she was my least favorite teacher because of that. Nancy, the most annoying and mean girl at Yancy academy, came over to Percy as he was taking a seat next to me.

"Hey Percy is she your girlfriend?" Nancy teased "No, she's not." He replied, he was after all just my friend.  "Good, cause she's ugly." The words hit me like a slap in the face. Of course she would try to get under my skin. She was my enemy. "At least I don't look like you." I spat at her making her mad. I smirked at her reaction.

"Jeez Percy no wonder no one wants to hang out with you, you have her always with you." This made him, and me mad. Before I could say anything water splashed up from the fountain near us and got all over Nancy. It was as if the water was squeezing her. It was fun to watch though. She was outraged, and she started to try and fight the water. 

Eventually the water stopped and she was thrown to the ground. "You, you insufferable little- UGH! You will pay for that!" She screamed at Percy and I. "Nice job Perc! We got her this time. But um what exactly did you do?" "I-i don't really know, I'n not exactly sure what happened. I just got really mad and well ya." "Percy, why did you get mad?" "Because you're my friend and well ok enough of this you know why!" Ok so i did, but I wanted to hear him say it. 

Just then Mrs. Dodds came for us. "Both of you follow me." She demanded. Oh great now Mrs. Dodds is going to punish us. She led us into the museum into a room that had no one in it. When we got in she had left. "Percy, where did she go?" "I don't know Taylor." He told me. Of course with our luck she just came in through the window! 

She swooped down attempting to hurt me. Percy tried to smack her off me, but he couldn't. Mr. Brunner came in and tossed a pen to Percy. He said something to him but I couldn't hear. I was to caught up in the excitement of being picked up by a, what is she exactly? Percy jumped off a ledge of a, something, i couldn't tell, and swung a sword at Mrs. Dodds. She vanished and hit the floor. Then everything went black.

A/N: Hey guys sorry for the cliffhanger haha anyway I just wanted to say thank you for reading this! I just would really like some comments, likes, and maybe even favorites? Thanks so much guys! Love ya!


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