bad dreams

a group of friends win the compitition of a life time and go to Tropical Island they have adventures


4. Young Dannie devito

"WHAT THE HELL JASON" sandra whispered he looks to the floore. "but she shouldnt died" "BUT she did....SO THERE"

she punched him and he flew away into the walls. he teared. "ooooooh smoch" they yelled "NOOOO!" sandra said but she new deap down she felt sad. "im sorry everyone..!" JASON HUGGED HE.

Suddenly the phone started ranging. Doug runs to it but before it stops. "HELLO!" he asks. "slice" went duug and his head shrinks and they yell. a baby is on his neck but only his head. his arms go to Claire but she doesn't. "no doug" she whispered "I LOVE YOU" Doug Yells doug falls down and tears and json shoots him wirh a GUN.


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