When did this happen?

The last annual hunger games is about to take place. the one that will signify 'peace' throughout the nation. but what happens when mothers and fathers are made to kill their own sons and daughters just to live?

Maisy and her brother Daniel are in the games. So are their parents. one person is chosen the whole family is thrown in. Kate, James, Maisy and Daniel. One family in many that was chosen for the games. Who will live. Who will die?

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour...


1. Intro

Kate P.O.V

I got the kids up ready. Ready for the choosing. Only if they were still 9. Only if i could keep them there. Maisy was quick and easy. She knew where we were going but always thought that we wouldn't be the chosen. She sat in the kitchen sipping water out of a cup while daniel was getting dressed. We were members of district 11. The district for families of more than 3. This was to be the last ever games and I thought to myself we  will never be chosen. Never. As james got up I could see the pain in his eyes from the years ago. His family was chosen. He was three so he stayed with his mother while the rest of the family went off. None of them came back alive.


James P.O.V

The day I hated the most. The choosing. The day my family was taken from me all those years ago. I saw kate looking at me and knew she was replaying when I told her the story. I  put on my best shirt and my hunting boots. Only ever bought out for this one day a year. I saw the kids sitting at the table daniel eating a piece of bread. Maisy drinking water. The looks on their faces killed me inside. I couldn't stand to look at them anymore. I went outside onto the porch and waited. I heard the bell and Kate and the kids were at the door. We set off. Into hell 


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