Skin deep

In a dusty, old bookshop two people have their lives changed forever when a secret is revealed and the dangerous consequences along with it...


4. 4

The date went well, at first.

   They were sat close together, her hand intertwined in his, the show had a romantic sub-plot which increased the romance between the two of them. He felt his senses becoming excited and he could not believe he was with Cady here at the theatre. Then something changed.

   During the show Cady tensed up and she let go of his hand.

   “What is it?” he whispered, rather loudly because some woman scowled at him.

   She didn’t answer and her expression grew increasingly worried, she glanced round before getting up from the seat.

   “Where are you going?” he asked in alarm, as she pushed past the people muttering apologies as she went. He followed her.

   They went out into the lobby that was decorated like those old styled theatres all bright reds and golds in fantastical patterns and brightly polished wooden furniture.

   "Cady," he called, and stood there lost and confused by her actions.

   She stopped, turning slowly so she faced him.

   "I'm sorry Bryan," she said.

   He hurried to her and without much thought to the action pulled her into his arms.

   "Why?" He murmured in her ear.

   "He is near I can sense him. I overlooked the danger, he is dangerous and I can't drag you into this." She glanced at him with those brown and green eyes. "I don’t want you to be hurt by him." He felt her tremble in his arms.

   "The boss," he thought angrily, this was his doing he was sure of it.  "I will make sure he doesn't hurt you," he said firmly. Thinking of punching that annoying face.

   "He's too powerful."

   "No one is too powerful," Bryan replied, and this time his mouth found hers, it spoke of a desperate need to stay together, of true feelings expressed with the varying pressure of mouths shaping to each other’s. His hands went down to her waist pulling her closer, one hand placed on the small of her back. Her arms wrapped round his neck.

   Cady broke the kiss but laid her head on his chest listening to his racing heart. He pushed a strand of hair from her face gently.

  “You are my prince aren’t you?”

  “I will try to be.”

  “You already are to me,” she sighed. "I have to leave before he notices I am missing too long, he does not like me to have interactions with humans." She moved away smiling sadly before disappearing into the streets outside.

   Bryan felt frustrated at the Boss who was keeping her from living a normal life. He did not care about the Alora part of Cady. He loved all of her.


The rain splattered down and Bryan's clothes hung from him heavier from the sodden weight of water. He had lost his wallet stupidly enough so had to walk home in this unfortunate weather, unable to take a taxi.

   His shoes slipped in the shallow river of the pavement and some person slammed into his shoulder.

   "Hey watch it," the person growled, despite it being him who had bumped into Bryan.

   Bryan went to retort when someone grabbed him roughly from behind, smothering the startled cries. An explosion of pain, blackness.


There was a potent smell of some ghastly substance that arouse Bryan from his stupor.

   It was still dark, he felt the panic swell up and he shifted in his position feeling rope saw into his wrists.

   "Hello," a muffled voice said with a tone of mock politeness. It scared the hell out of Bryan. He could not articulate an answer only gasp in fear.

  "This is bewildering I know, I know Bryan." The voice was a man's but he could not be sure it was someone he knew, although the prime suspect: the Boss. "Now you have to listen very carefully, now I understand you have been getting pretty close to Cady and don't lie I saw you earlier with her in that lobby." The voice turned shrill laced with bitterness.

   The face was close the breath thick on Bryan's face and stank of eggs.

   "You have to understand that Cady is very special and cannot be conversing with just anyone."

   "She's a very special human being,” Bryan said quickly in an attempt to hide the fact he knew Cady’s secret. He had to protect her.

   “Ha ha, yes a very special human being and you can keep thinking that,” the voice sounded very cruel. “I think my sister needs to be reminded that she cannot keep a human as a pet.”

   “Sister?” he thought thinking he had heard wrong.

   Suddenly a bolt of pain like lightening stuck his heart. 

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