“Abel and Cain” The First Crime on Earth

the story of the two sons of Adam (Abel and Cain)


2. part two

"After Cain had killed his brother, he carried him on his back for a full year (not knowing what to do with his brother's corpse!)." Others said: He carried him on his back for one hundred years till Allah Almighty sent two crows who fought against one another.

One of them was killed. The murderer scratched the ground to hide the body of the dead crow.

Seeing him doing that, Cain said: Woe to me! Am I not even able to do as this crow and to hide the dead body of my brother? Then, he buried the body of his dead brother and covered it with earth.
Adam became very sick at heart and felt great sorrow for his dead son, Abel.

Cain was brought punishment very soon afterwards. On the same day he killed his brother, Abel, his foot was tied up to his thighbone and his face was forcibly directed up to the sun disk. His face used to go where the sun goes as a way of punishment and penalty in return for what he had done to his own brother.


on the authority of some people who had said: Eve gave birth to forty children through twenty births.

However, nothing is sure of their names or numbers.

Others said: there were one hundred and twenty births, in each one a male and a female were born. The first among them were Cain and his sister Qalimah, and the last ones were `Abdul Mughith and his sister Ummul Mughith. Then, humans increased in number and spread into the earth.

Adam did not die till he saw from among his progeny and offspring four hundred thousand persons (400.000).

Adam (Peace be upon him) was. the father of mankind. He was created by the Hand of Allah Who breathed out of His Soul into him, Who made the Angels prostrate themselves before him, Who taught him names of everything, and Who made him dwell in His spacious Paradise.



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