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Hello everybody! Emilie here, I'm bored and I want to take a little break from Stripes, Checks and Polka-dots, so I'll be doing reviews!
I'll be reviewing original stories only, not that I don't like fanfics, of course, but original stories need more love! ♥ Cover artwork by Ancalinar on deviantArt •


6. Saving Grace- Mirlotta

• Saving Grace •

• Mirlotta •


I already read this a looooong time ago, goodness, but this is really a touching movella and I loved reading it again!


Francesca is a young girl who is mourning her girlfriend June's death. She's in the hospital and the nurses are begging her to stop harming herself for June, fearing that she'll also die. Francesca announces that she has nothing left to live for, since June is dead.


It's an amazingly touching story. I'm not gonna lie, it brought me to tears. Let's start the CC then! (it'll be short as it's already so good!)

The main character: Francesca is a typical young girl with a disease. I found that heartbreaking to say, but it's truly beautiful. I remember you described her to me when you suggested I draw her for you and, god, she's jsuch a beautiful girl despite all her flaws. There's something broken about her and that's just perfect. Great job on the characterization!

The writing:  The writing is pretty much flawless, the words flow well though sometimes I got stuck on certain words, but that's just me! The pace is slow enough for readers to understand what's happening and that's great!

Grammar, spelling mistakes and typos: I found probably one typo in the entirety of the story, just re-read it carefully and corrext it! Other than that everything's fine, I guess! 


You shall now be awarded with the Koala Tea Badge of Approval for your wonderful tear-bringing movella!

Yours truly, Emilie

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