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Hello everybody! Emilie here, I'm bored and I want to take a little break from Stripes, Checks and Polka-dots, so I'll be doing reviews!
I'll be reviewing original stories only, not that I don't like fanfics, of course, but original stories need more love! ♥ Cover artwork by Ancalinar on deviantArt •


5. Remember me- TheTravellingLemon

• Remember me •
• TheTravellingLemon •


Sorry for skipping so many people with this review, but I have to do this one, since I owe TLL a review after she kindly helped me with her CC on Teammates!


The main character is dead. They (though I'm suspecting 'they' is actually 'he') died in a car accident at the age of sixteen. 'Remember Me' seems to be Death's speech to this sixteen year-old victim, explaining to them that people will remember them and sugar coat everything they've done in order to give the victim's friends and family good memories of them when they actually weren't all that great...


Short and quick, but I hope I got it right. Onto the CC we go, then!

The main character: Your main character is faceless and pretty much genderless, though I interpreted them as a young boy. The only info you give us about them is that they're a lazy sixteen year-old who likes to play video games. For this type of story, that's all the info we need.

The writing: The storyline is good. It's quick to read and tells a great story. I was a little surprised by the wording at some places such as 'It's not perfect, hell it's anything but'. Maybe it's just the punctuation that's off... Oh well. It's still a really good read!

Grammar, spelling mistakes, and typos: Nothing to say. I didn't find any mistakes, personally... Though I might have put camital letters at the beginning of the victim's 'thoughts' such as "Hey, I'm floating.' instead of 'hey, I'm floating.'


That's all I have to say! I really enjoyed reading 'Remember Me' and am more than glad to award you with the KOALA TEA BADGE OF APPROVAL!

Yours truly, Emilie

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