Love & Protect


"We're here to protect you" the man with brown eyes said, there were five men surrounding me.

All of them were looking at me, they were all wearing suits and they were all very cute.

"Why?" I asked confused, this is so weird maybe it's some joke or...

"Because your life is in danger" the man to the left of me, he had a different accent from all of them, from what I could tell it was Irish.


Carly's life changed dramatically ever since she meet these five guys, what she doesn't know, is that she also changed someone else's life.


2. Chapter 1



Carly's POV:


There is so many people its really crowded, i squeeze past people as i pull my luggage and find my way out of the airport, once i step out side it feels amazing, the sun is out and the breeze feels nice against my face.

Being in an airplane for so long was making me feel sick and really hot. The sky was nice and blue, the clouds were white and puffy. I got into a taxi and told them my destination. I was going to start a new life here in England.

My mother died when i was young and i don't know anything about my dad. I was living with my grandmother until she passed away three months ago, so that's why i moved back here, this is where my mother was born.

She moved to Florida because my grandmother lived there, my mom was really sick she died of cancer when i was 6 years old. My grandmother took care of me ever since. 

I wanted to move over here to see what its like, i want to grow up where my mother grew up. So that's why I'm here, another reason is I'm going to start collage soon.

My name is Carly and I'm 19 years old, i have brown eyes and long brown hair. I want to study to be a doctor, i want to help other people who are sick.

Anyway, enough about me as i made it to my mothers house that is now mine, i inherited along with some money my grandmother left me. 



sorry if it was short and sucked, blah 

what ever i hope you guys liked it


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