Chalk And Cheese

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  • Published: 17 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2014
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*** Winner of the Dead Ends Competition***
Tria is the kind of girl that nobody messes with. She has her own group, her own rules and her own life. After all, her parents are too busy snogging in the living room to care about her. And when the new girl comes along, Tria assumes that it will be one more lonely idiot cast away into the un-known lands of Un-Popularity. But Erin suddenly seems alright and amongst the chaos at home and strangeness at school, a strange and bizarre friendship starts to form that no one could ever expect...
*Cover credit goes to @CrownOfShadownight for her amazing cover!*


2. Talking

None of us say a word. Just because she came over, doesn’t mean we have to start having a conversation. After all, Natasha was right, talking to a newbie is social suicide. I look her over, taking in her neat and tidy outfit with her tiny nose and tidy hair. She has no make-up, perhaps a tiny slather of lip gloss, and skin tights with no holes. Her shoes are from that fancy place on the other side of town. How could she have been kicked out of her old school? She looks like the sort of girl who never goes to a party and stays at home studying.

“Why are you looking at me?” says a voice and I realise it’s her. Did she just question me?

“No. You were looking at me,” I snap back and she folds her arms. This girl has some attitude, maybe that’s another reason why she got kicked out of her old school.

“Actually I was looking at her.” She points a finger towards Emily and turns to me.

“Anyway, I have you all figured out. There’s no point in me looking at you, I’ve already solved you.” My mouth edges open slightly. Figured me out? Solved me? What the hell is this girl talking about?

“I bet you’ve got it all wrong.” I sneer and Erin laughs, un-folds her arms and stares directly at me.

“Pah-lease. You’re popular, too popular for your own good, and everyone loves you. You have your own group of friends who goes around breaking the rules and ditching lessons to do something immature like smoke. At home you’re alone in your bedroom whilst your parents are downstairs. All you have is your music, homework which you never do, and your pet to keep you company. A dog perhaps? You don’t care about school, you hate your home and the only thing that you truly like is music.” This time my mouth drops fully open and I don’t close it. How is she exactly right?

Mum is always downstairs with Brad, cooking up something terrible or watching a soppy movie and kissing. Yuck. So what if Charli keeps me company in my room?

“I’m sorry. Was I all wrong?” She smirks a little and raises one eyebrow. Slowly, I shut my jaw and the bell rings through the school. Grabbing the bag she dumped by her feet, Erin pulls it up onto her shoulder and looks at all of us.

“Bye bitches,” she laughs and before she struts off, turns over her shoulder and grins a little.

“I saw the boy Natasha was flirting with take a couple of ciggies. Just so you know.” Then off she went, to form, as if she just completely sassed the popular group. Unfortunately for me, she had.

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