Neko Romeo & Juliet

So you know the classic love story? Yeah well it's about to get combined with cats. In Greece's version of this classic love story.


2. the party

                                                      They fatefully met one day at a party were both families were invited. Of course neither of the families knew about that fact. Or  else a fight might insure. SO with that secret remaining under lock and key the two families went to the party. Of course the first family to arrive was Turtose. " Oh Nanny isn't a wonderful day?'' Juliet pounced on a leaf. " Oh Juliet stop acting like such a kit!'' the Nanny scolded her. She was an old Russian blue haired cat that was rather strict. Juliet's ears went back,'' But isn't?'' she asked one more time. The Russian blue haired sighed,'' Yes it is Juliet,'' with that she nudged her.

                                             " We are here Juliet. Remember if any toms catch your eyes remember that you will have an angry Father waiting for you at home,'' the Nanny set the rules. Juliet nodded,'' Yes I know I'm going to have to marry this vey strange cat that has only bragged about his achievements in hunting,'' she pulled a face. Juliet bounded away from the Nanny and went to hang out with some gossiping cats.

" That Mercutio is rather handsome,''

" Yes,''

" Romeo is the best though,''

" Oh agreed,''

" Uh hello?''

                                               Disgusted Juliet walked away. Unfortunately she ran right into a handsome British short hair,'' Oi. Will you watch were you walk? You nearly....'' he stopped running his mouth,'' I mean. I'm sorry I got in your way please forgive me,''. Juliet nosed his face,'' Of course and who would you be?'' " Romeo and you?'' the British short hair flicked his tail. " Oh it's Juliet,'' she gave a small laugh.'' A beautiful name for a beautiful cat,'' he licked her. Juliet looked away in pleasure.

                                                          " JULIET what did you Father tell you especially with HIM,'' the Nanny cat pulled her away by the scruff of her neck. " Nanny! You never said I couldn't talk to any toms!'' she was angry. " You father will explain to you when you get home!'' Juliet rolled her feline eyes and remembered Romeo. Yes any yelling in the world would be worth it.


                                                        " Greece are you sure you weren't asleep. Cause THAT'S NOT HOW IT GOES AT ALL,'' England ranted. " Oh Iggy shut up dude and let Greece continue,'' America quieted him. " Greece this story is so cute aru,'' China nodded his approval. " Again will we get pasta?'' Italy asked. " No Italy no pasta,'' Greece said. Italy made a sad face. " You dumklopf just listen to the story,'' Germany told Italy. " Greece please go on. I really want to know what happens to Juliet  after her father yells at her, dude," America said.  Greece nodded his head,'' Ok. So before I was interrupted,'' Greece replayed the events in his mind. " Oh yes now I remember,'' he continued on with the story.


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