Future Mrs. Styles… Maybe

Hi I'm a girl that got her parents taken away from her. I'm a girl that got her right to marry who she wants taken away from her too. Whoever knew that it ended in such a positive way? Well everyone knew except for Harry and I. I'm now Angeline Marie Patterson Styles… maybe… Read and Find out how life is one hell of a roller coaster, you just have to choose if you're going to endure it or derail of the track. The choice is always yours.


11. The Interview (Pt. 1)

*Harry's P.O.V*


I woke up to hearing someone singing loudly. Lucky for me the person had a good voice.


"Ah!" I heard someone shout and a thud. Next there was laughter.


I got out the bed to go and investigate. I walked in the kitchen to see Angie and flour on the floor with her giggling. "Is this how you wake up?" I said leaning in the doorway.


She jumped and giggled when she saw it was me. "Good morning."


"Well it was." I said.


"Sorry I woke you up." She said pouring flour in a bowl.


"What are you doing anyway?"


"Baking a cake."


"For what?"


"I just…felt like baking something." She said thoughtfully.


I nodded and sat at the island. She hummed and stirred the batter. She stuck her finger in it and licked it before nodding. She walked over to a cupboard muttering lyrics to some song. I took this time to study her. She had her hair in a bun with flour and cake batter on her face and shirt. Speaking of shirt, it looked like it had my shirt on.


"Is that my shirt?" I asked.


She was climbing on the counter but stopped midway, making the shirt rise enough for me to see her underwear. I looked away feeling my cheeks burn. "Uh…yeah?"


I shook my head laughing. "I like the way you smell. You have this unique scent of…what cologne do you wear?"


"Creed." I answered.


She went stiff for a moment, staring off into space. I walked over towards her and wrapped my arms around her knowing that face. "Sorry."


She looked up at me . "No. It was a happy memory. I remember my Dad would spray some on him then pretend to put some on me but I run away to my Mom." She then started laughing. "My Mum would then scold my Dad for making me smell like a boy. He would pout and 'beg' for forgiveness from me. Of course I would say yes and we hug it out."


"That's an awesome memory." I praised.


She looked up at me. "Yeah I know. My Mom and Dad were pretty awesome."


She bit her lip. "Not to go off topic but I have to ask you something."


I nodded. "Go ahead."


"Can you get that small blue bowl from the top cupboard?" She said.


I looked at her but complied. I reached my hand up and got the bowl. "Your weird."


"No I just wanted to finish my cake." She said taking the bowl out of my hand and hopped off the counter to her big bowl. "Want to help?"


I smiled and grabbed the bowl from her. "Sure."

*Skip Baking*

When we were done, we were covered from head to toe in flour and batter. Along the way we had a little battle. Angie was putting chocolate frosting on the cake, before coating it with chocolate shavings. She looked so concentrated that she didn't even hear the guys enter.


"Hello lovely couple." Louis said.


I nodded to them but Angie was absorbed in her cake decorating. "Is that…cake!" Niall shouted.


She looked up sending him the coldest glare you could ever give. "Make one more step in this direction and I will personally make sure you lose one out of the three stomachs you have."


He backed away hands up , making her turn her attention back to the cake. "Lesson learned."


"Harry what did you do to her?" Liam smirked.


I shrugged. "Maybe you guys shouldn't have sidetracked her with your obnoxious noise."


Zayn nodded. "Yeah Perrie did the same thing when I tried to scare her when she was watching Twilight."


I looked back at Angie to see she was finishing up. "Keep going love your almost done." I said when she wiped her brow.


She smiled at me before finishing up. "How come she didn't yell at you?" Niall whined.


"Maybe because I'm not after her cake." I stated.


"Okay and…done!" She said placing a few strawberries on top. 


She rubbed her hands on my shirt, sighed then looked at the cake. "Does it look alright?"


"It looks delicious from where I'm standing." Niall said.


She smiled at him. "That's why you get the biggest piece."


He fist pumped and walked towards the cupboards but turned. "5th cupboard, 2nd drawer." She said.


He nodded and got his plate and spoon. "Thank you."


She nodded at him before looking at me. "I'm going to change. Please make sure my kitchen doesn't become a mess."


I nodded and she headed upstairs. "So what brings you guys here?"


"Well." Zayn said with chocolate on his mouth. "We have an interview. We just found out that the interviewer wanted the 'New Couple with us."


"We came here to get you guys but- oh my gosh this cake is so good." Louis said.


"WE came here to get you guys and now here we are." Liam finished.


"I'll go tell Angie." I said swiping my finger in the frosting and licking it. I walked up the stairs to see that Angie was in the shower.


"Love?" I called out.


"Yeah?" She hollered back.


"We have an interview so no lazy day." I said.


"Really?" She sighed. "Okay."


"Sorry." I said.


"It's cool." She said and begin humming.


I left the room and walked towards the closet picking out an outfit. I slipped on the clothes just as soon as Angie came out the shower. She sighed and walked towards her closet. "Who is the interviewer?"


I shrugged. "Not really sure but maybe you should dress in your casual comfort zone."


"Well that eliminates all dresses." I chuckled at her buttoning my blazer.


"I'm going with jeans and a crop top." She declared and started rummaging through her closet humming.


"What are you humming?" I asked slipping on my jeans.


"Legend by Drake." She answered. "Did I tell you he was one of my favorite rapper?"


"Only all the time." I said slipping on my boots. Love them.


She huffed at me as she slipped on her jeans. "Shut up."


"There isn't anything wrong with that." I clarified. "I actually love hearing you talk."


"Why?" She asked slipping on her top.


"Your voice just sounds so soothing." I said clipping  my chain and bracelet. "I can't explain it really. Just trust me when I say your voice sounds hot."


She looked up from slipping on her boots. "Okay I believe you."


"You should." I slipped my glasses on.


She ruffled her natural curly hair. "I got to put on my makeup and then we'll be gone."


"I'm not a big fan of makeup and you in the same sentence." I hollered smoothing out my clothes and taking one look in the mirror.


"Well deal with it. Besides, when we come home, I take it off for you." She reminded.


I nodded even though she couldn't see me, slipping on my engagement ring. "True. I still don't like it."


"Look." She said coming out the bathroom cutting the light off. "When I get pregnant, I'll stop wearing makeup. Deal?"


I cocked my head to the side. "Deal."


She nodded and smooth  out my shirt and blazer. "There. Now we both look hot."


I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her waist. "You probably look more hot than I do."


"Well can't blame you there." She said winking.


I rolled my eyes. "Your unbelievable."


"Nah just unpredictable." She said.


"Not that I mind." I said kissing her.


She kissed back but stopped it. "We'll continue this later."


I nodded. "Let's head downstairs before the boys come knocking down the door."


She chuckled, grabbed her jewelry slipping it on and slipping her ring on last. "I am really loving this ring."


I laughed and grabbed her hand so we could walk downstairs. "About time." I heard Louis breathe out.


I rolled my eyes but Angie giggled. "Lou I swear you're mentally a 10 year old."


"Well then that seals the deal on who is the godfather of your first child."


We reached the end of the stairs and Angie scoffed. "No way am I letting your mindset near our baby Louis Tomlinson. So you can forget it."


I walked towards the coat room and got Angie's coat from there, smiling. I was happy she had said 'our baby'. It would probably be funny to see Angie pregnant. I laughed thinking about it. I walked over to see the guys arguing while Angie was sitting there watching them.


I walked over to her making her stand up and slide her arms into the sleeves. "Uncles again?"


She nodded. "Hey!" She shouted getting their attention. "How about we talk about this later. We have an interview to go to."


They grumbled but obliged. We followed them to the coat room as they slipped in their coats and shoes and headed towards the car. I handed the house keys to Angie and she closed the door behind her and locked it, handing it back to me. She slipped hand into mines which felt cold due to the wintery weather out here.


"We're getting married soon." She said her breaths going into puffs of white clouds.


I nodded. "Don’t worry I'm not very boring."


She shook her head smiling. "No it's not that. What if…what if you get…tired of me?"


I stopped and looked at her. "I don’t think I will ever get tired of you. There is so much to learn about you. Besides I'm not very fond of divorce."


She nodded and hugged me. I wrap my arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head. "Thank you."


"Anytime." I said rubbing her back. "How about we get this interview over with and then we can get home so we can cuddle and watch whatever dumb movie you like."


She pulled away punching my shoulder. "My movies are not dumb."


I chuckled and swung my arms across her shoulder continuing our way to the car. We climbed in was heading towards the interview. Turns out we were meeting Jonathan Ross. I smiled at how bright Angie's eyes became when she saw the name.


We pulled to the back door and piled out with the guys still debating but we tuned them out. "Ready?" I asked Angie


She smirked. "Was born."

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