the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


22. "Yes" or "NO"

Anne, Harry's mom, wanted to meet Niall. She therefore came home to their house on a Saturday. Niall was nervous, but Harry calmed him down. 
"She wont respond as your mom did." 
Anne heard them and quickly she laughed a little bit. 
"How did you think I would respond?" 
Harry hesitated, and he wondered if she needed to know everything? 
"Maura doesn't like the fact that Niall's gay and she threw us out." 
Anne just stared at him and then she looked at Niall. 
"I'm sorry!" 
Niall smiled and he sat down. 
"It was expected." 
She sighed and she showed with the whole body that she was sorry for him. 
"If I was you I wouldn't bother me so much about her. She's the one who loses, and I promise to help you, if you need help with something."
Harry smiled gratefully and he gave her a kiss on the cheek, then he sat down beside her. 
"We know what we want." he said happily. "I want Niall and I don't care about what others thinking about that." 
Anne laughed. 
"You sound like my son." she said happily. "I learned you early to listen to yourself?" 
Harry nodded, and he looked at Niall. 
"My mom's special." he said and blushed. Anne just laughed. 
"No, but I care about my children and I want you to be happy."
Harry smiled at her. 
"I'm happy!" 
Anne knew it, and she then looked at Niall. 
"And you?" 
Niall blushed and he looked down at his hands. 
"Well, I'm actually happy." 
She was also happy. 
"So do you have more plans? You have moved in together and you have a house."
Harry laughed a little bit and he understood that she wanted to know more about grand kids and things that normal couples planned. 
"Mom, we can't bear children?" 
She smiled and she looked at him with an amused look. 
"Surrogate mom? Or you can adopt?" 
Niall was startled and he just stared at them. Harry saw his reaction and immediately gave him a reassuring look. 
"Mom wants to one day that I shall have children, but I promise that we wont do it tomorrow." 
Niall swallowed. 
"Do gays have children?" 
Anne laughed and she nodded. 
"Didn't you know?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"I always thought that people didn't allow boys to be dads without a mother." 
Harry giggled and he had to wonder if Niall was serious. 
"Clearly we can have kids!"
Niall was just sitting. He looked at them, but at the same time not. He seemed to realize that life consisted many choices and that nothing would stop them even though they were gay.


Niall crawled into bed, and Harry lifted the book away. 
Niall smiled faintly and he laid himself close to Harry. He laid his head on his boyfriend's chest and he seemed to ponder. 
Harry knew instantly what Niall thought about. Harry took his arm around him and he laughed lightly. 
"Maybe we can wait with that choice?" 
Niall nodded. 
"But I haven't thought about having a family until now. It's as if I haven't thought about that part." 
Harry smiled and he noted that Niall really had realized a lot of things. 
"I want us to get married first, and we're together a few years before we think about children."
Niall nodded and he looked up at Harry. 
"In a few years when we are married, we have children then?" 
Harry smiled and he looked at Niall. 
Niall lit up. 
"Do you really want to have a family with me then?" 
Harry nodded and kissed him lightly on the forehead. 
"I don't want anyone but you. You are the only one." 
Niall smiled and he seemed almost harmonic over the information. 
"I want to have children of our own, so we'll be sure to find a girl that fits us?" 
Harry giggled and he nodded. 
"Anything you want, I set up on."






Harry and I had lived in the house for six months. I felt ready to move into the next phase, phase three. I knew he wasn't ready yet, but I was and I did it. I went to different jewelers to find the right rings. I wanted something that was special, unique and yet simple. I eventually found our rings. Two gold rings with silver stripe in. No rocks and no unnecessary things, just two rings that meant everything. 
"What do you want to engrave on the rings?" he asked, standing behind the checkout. Niall smiled and he pondered. 
"Niall and Harry forever?" 
The man smiled. 
"It sounds like a good idea."


When I got home with the rings, a month later, it tingled all over. I knew that Harry didn't would say no, and I knew he would be happy. I cleaned the house in order and I made ​​sure everything was perfect. I laid out rose petals on the bed, lit candles throughout the house, put up a vase of red roses on the table and I had bought home everything that we needed. I heard how Harry came through the door and he seemed to flinch. 
I came out of the kitchen and I smiled. He just stared at me. 
"Are we celebrating something that I have forgotten?" 
I laughed and I walked toward him. My stomach tingled, my legs were weak, but in front of me stood the man who was just mine. Since that first time I saw him he had affected my life and he had done everything for me.


I took Harry into the kitchen and I put him on one of the chairs. I was shaking all over when I went down on my knees in front of him and I saw that he was holding his breath. 
"Harry, I love you!" I whispered hoarsely and I held his hand tightly in my hand. "You know that I can be crazy and I can sometimes just be odd, but I know you love me as I am. For me it's everything I need, your love and I will forever be yours. "
He swallowed and I saw that he just stared at me. I took up the rings from my pocket and I held them in front of him. 
"Will you marry me?" 
Harry stared at the rings, then he stared at me. I thought he would say no, when he threw himself into my arms. 
"YES!" he moaned and he kissed me. He kissed me with all the love he had and he was pressed against me. "Yes, Niall!" 
I giggled and I made ​​sure we got on us the rings. Harry almost started crying and he released me. He kissed me again and he did everything so that I could understand that he was happy.

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