the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


11. To meet again

Niall was sure of his cause. He would go in and he would ask Harry about his phone number. Niall had gathered courage and he wasn't going to give up this time. Harry got to say no if he wanted to, but Niall had to still test. When Niall came to the store, he corrected the hair, made sure that he didn't looked scared and he went inside. Harry didn't stand there, prompting Niall to hesitation. There was an older lady and Niall didn't know if he dared to ask after Harry. Still, he went up to her and he tried to smile. 
"Is Harry here?" 
She looked surprised. 
Niall swallowed. 
"I would like to talk to him."
The woman nodded a little bit and she almost looked askance at Niall. 
"Wait here!" she said quickly, and vanished away. It wasn't long before Harry showed up. Niall felt his stomach tingled and he was close to just throw himself over Harry, but he didn't. Harry didn't look angry, and he almost looked cheerful, which surprised Niall. 
"I thought..." he began, and he blushed. "I was just wondering..." 
Harry smiled. 
Niall gulped and he looked down at his own shaking hands. 
"I would like to leave my phone number." He said even though it was the opposite he wanted. "And maybe we can hang out?" 
God, it sounded silly and Niall regretted the choice of word directly. 
"I want us to meet." he said quickly, looking up at Harry. "I don't know many people here and it might be fun to get together?"
To  Nialls surprise shone Harry up and he smiled like just Harry could smile. 
"Do you mean you want to meet me?" 
Niall nodded quickly and he swallowed and he blushed. 
"Yes, is it possible?" 
Harry laughed and he took up a note. Niall saw that he wrote some numbers on the patch and then he gave it to Niall. 
It was as if everything just flowed off Niall. He began to smile and he felt that the entire stomach tingled. It was as if the sun lit up the whole shop and he just wanted to cheer. 
"Do you mean you want to meet me?" 
Harry nodded with his head so that his curls jumped on his head. 
"It would be great fun." 
Niall puffed out. 
"Do you want my number?"
Harry quickly gave Niall a pen and a different paper. He smiled and Niall took it. He wrote down his own number and gave the note to Harry. Then Niall was sure they wouldn't come apart. 
"Thank you!" 
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"No, it's I who should thank you." he said happily. "I regretted that I didn't take your number last time you were in here," 
Niall lit up. 
Harry nodded and he blushed a little bit. 
"Yes, it would be nice to meet you?" 
Niall agreed, and he put the note in a safe place in his pocket. 
"When are you free?" 
Harry gave the watch quickly a glance. 
"About one hour."
Okay! Niall had hoped that Harry wanted to leave the phone number, but now it sounded as if he even wanted to meet him this day. Niall gulped and he could hardly stand still. He was in heaven and he felt his whole stomach tingled. 
"Should I wait?" 
Harry laughed. 
"No, but came back and we met outside, here?" 
Niall nodded quickly. 
"About one hour I will stand outside the door and..." 
The woman came back and Niall fell silent. He smiled and he gave Harry one last look. Then he went out from the place.




Harry had to pinch his arm. He put the note, with Nialls number, in his pocket and he felt happy. When he was finished for the day, he changed clothes quickly and rapidly, he went out on the street. Niall hadn't come yet, but Harry knew immediately that he would come as he had promised. It went only a few minutes before Niall came running along the street. 
"Excuse me, but I happened to go too far away." 
Harry smiled. 
"That's all right!" 
Niall smiled and he stopped in front of Harry. It was as if they still were young and it was as if time hadn't passed. Harry just felt overjoyed and he didn't almost dared to breathe. 
"Do you want to hang with me to my home?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"Do you live nearby?" 
Harry shook his head and he blushed a little bit. 
"No, but I want to go home and take a shower."


Harry chose to show in Niall to the couch, then he ran quickly into the room and he threw off his clothes. He jumped into the shower and made ​​sure that he was clean. It was as if he hadn't had time to think. He wanted to be fast finished so he could spend more time with Niall.


Harry came in to Niall with only pants on. He wiped his hair and he smiled big. 
"I'm almost done!" 
Niall looked up at him and Harry could almost feel his eyes undressing Harry everything. He blushed and grinned a little bit. 
"You've seen my body before?" 
Niall cleared his throat and he blushed. 
"Yeah!" he whispered uncertainly. "You have got tattoos?" 
Harry looked down at his tattoos and he realized that a lot had changed. He nodded. 
"Don't like it?" he asked, and he was almost worried that Niall hated guys with tattoos, or maybe people in general? 
"No it's okay!" 
Niall gave him even a smile, and Harry could take a breather. 
Niall seemed to like to see his body, therefore, chose Harry to be in the same room, to dry his hair with the towel. 
"Do you live alone?" asked Niall quickly. Harry nodded. He thought about asking Niall same question, but Niall was faster. 
"Me too!" 
Life played, everything was wonderful and everything would be perfect in the future. Then came Harry to think about one thing. Niall wasn't gay? But what surprised him was that Niall still seemed blindly about Harrys body. 
"No little girlfriend then?" he said without thinking. Niall blushed and he looked down at his own hands. It was as if Harry had chosen to ask the wrong question and immediately he repented. 
"Forgive the question. Maybe you just broke up with her?"
Harry was surprised that Niall seemed to hesitate. He sat and looked generally unhappy. Maybe he was in love with a girl, but she didn't want him? 
"It's not that ...." Niall mumbled and he cleared his throat lightly. "Maybe I'm not..." 
Harry had to come over to the sofa. He sat down next to Niall and looked at him with curious eyes. What was it that Niall didn't say? Niall was silent a little extra longer, before he suddenly looked straight at Harry. 
"You know that summer?" he whispered. "When I was... then you..." 
Harry swallowed. He had no idea where Niall was getting at. 
"It's okay!" He said therefore quickly. "I was a fool who thought you would answer my emotions and I regretted it so much that I forced myself on you." 
Niall frowned. 
"No, Harry!" he whispered as quietly. "It's I who should apologize and say sorry. I did wrong and I treated you wrong."
There were so many unspoken words, and Harry realized that Niall might have misunderstood why Harry left the island? 
"I just had to go home." he said why. "I didn't want to spoil more for you." 
Niall didn't seem to care. 
"Harry!" he continued, uncertain. "There's one thing I have wanted to say to you for four years and I just have to gather the courage." 
Harry was surprised. He didn't understand what it could be, but he was ready for anything. Niall smiled faintly and he looked down at his hands again. 
"If you had stayed, given me a little more time, I would have said something to you." 
Niall gulped and he closed his eyes. 
"I also loved you. Your feelings were answered."

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