the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


7. Sex

Niall sat center on the stage and he practiced in the theater. Harry sat and just stared at him. Niall was everything and he meant everything, but how would Harry get him to turn around and become gay? It was a dilemma and Harry wanted to solve it. 
"You're so good at acting!" Harry heard that Louis said. Harry had to wake up from the imagination. Niall had been chosen to be one of the main characters, just because he could sing. Harry wished he was a girl and he got to play against Niall. 
"I'm no good!" murmured Niall Louis and blushed. 
"YOU are all right!" Harry had to say. Louis was startled and just stared at him. It was as if both Louis and Zayn knew that Harry had feelings for Niall, but they also knew that Niall wasn't gay. Talk about a lot of problems, though it should be easy?
"Are you here?" asked Louis quickly. Harry blushed and he looked down at his hands. 
"Well, I'm certainly here?" 
Niall just laughed and he got always good excuses. 
"Harry helps me to develop." 
Louis saw the lie but he said nothing. He just snorted and continued to do what he did. Harry felt small. How do you get a normal guy to become gay? Okay, Harry had tried to touch Niall, but it didn't help?




Niall had gathered courage for a week. He chose to go with Zayn and Lousi to the girls and when they came into the house a girl came toward him. 
Niall blushed and he noted that she did feel the same. 
She was shy and she took his right hand. Niall went with her to the bed and he sat down. For some silly reason, saw Niall just Harry in front of him. When the girl began to kiss him, it was as if it was wrong. She hadn't got Harry's lips and she was totally boring to kiss.
"What am I doing wrong?" she asked. Niall blushed slightly and he had no good answer.
"Just keep going." he said and kissed her again. She took her arms around his body and he felt how she tried to keep up. Maybe that Harry had learned Niall kissing to good?


Niall was all over the girl. He felt how she spread her legs and she moaned lightly. He felt with his hand if she wanted to go further and she didn't resist. Niall let his hand slip inside her dress and his hand landed on one of her breasts. What would he do now? He held his hand over her breast and he felt how her nipple stood right out. Was it good? She moaned and she began to unbutton his pants. Niall hesitated but he didn't say no. She pulled them down and he felt how she hesitantly took her hand against his member. He whimpered. 
"You wanna touch it?" 
She nodded. 
Niall kissed her again, and he felt how she began to put her hand over his member. Niall whimpered and he was horny. He wanted more, so he took quickly up her dress to her  stomach and he pulled down her panties. She showed with the whole body that she wanted, and he saw no reason to stop. Niall took a deep breath and he then took his cock against her hole. When he penetrated she moaned and she took her legs around his waist. 
"Is that okay?" he whimpered. She just nodded. He smiled and he felt himself slid in all the way. It was as if he put his penis in something soft and he liked that feeling. He slowly began to move on his hip and after a while he moaned loudly. She said nothing and she just lay there, under him. Niall hesitated. 
"Is it nice?" 
She hesitated. 
"Well, okay?" 
Niall didn't like the answer. 
"How am I going to do to make it nice?" 
She took his hand and took it down between them. She brought it down to her most sensitive part and he felt her clitoris. 
"There!" she said and whimpered. Niall looked down and he noticed a change when he touched her. He smiled and he moved his hand faster. At the same time he brought harder in his own member in the hole and she slowly began to whimper. It was as if he learned him even more, and he felt how the hole got his dick to just wanting more. He moved quickly to the body and he moved quickly his hand. 
"More!" she wailed. "Damn I want more." 
Niall closed his eyes and right as it was, she began to shake. She showed with the whole body that something happened but he wasn't sure. When she had calmed down, she smiled big. 
"Your turn to come!" 
He was surprised. 
"Did you come?" 
She nodded, and she took his hand away. Niall put his arms over her head and he continued to move on his body. He felt the whole he was hot and slowly but surely, he reached the end. He felt his whole body began to burn and quickly he took out his dick out of her. He let his hand quickly masturbate and eventually he came straight over her stomach. He whimpered and he shook. Okay! It wasn't like that time when Harry touched him. That time had Niall totally forgotten everything and he had just enjoyed. This time it was okay, but he was disappointed that she didn't show that she came. 


"It was great!" she said with a smile. "Next time you might not go so fast?" 
Next time? Niall lay down beside her. Did she want to have sex with him more often? He looked at her but he was disturbed by another sound. He looked at Louis, which lay on top of Eleanor. He came and he screamed. Niall frowned and he wondered what the point was. Would they spend the summer with the girls and just do that?




Harry lay in bed and he was just sad. Why did Niall wanted to be with the girls? Wasn't it enough with Harry? Okay they weren't together, but still. Harry felt just a missing and he wanted to see what Niall did, but his pride said no.


"It felt different!" 
Harry looked straight at Niall and he hated the word. 
"How do you mean?" 
Niall looked into Harry's eyes and he thought for a few extra seconds. 
"It was as if I put my dick in a pie. It was humid and it was as if the entire hole wanted me there." 
Harry hated the words and he looked down at the food. 
"So it was okay?" 
Niall hesitated. Harry noted that Niall didn't know what to say and it was as if it had been okay. Harry was surprised when Niall leaned against his ear. 
"It was so strange having to touch her!" 
Harry swallowed. 
"Touching her?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I know how a girl looks, but touching her was so different."
Please be gay! It was the only thing that went through Harrys head. Be happy and be gay! 
Niall sighed. 
"She groaned and it all, but I didn't know if it was good for her. How do you know that?" 
Harry hesitated. 
"I don't know!" 
Niall didn't give up. 
"You can do everything and you learned over to me some pieces. So how do you tell if a girl..." 
Harry interrupted him quickly. 
"I don't got to fucked a girl yet, so how can I know?" 
Niall was startled and he just stared at him. Harry realized that he had been far too angry. 
"I'm just saying ...." he swallowed. "I don't know!"
Niall seemed to hesitate. 
"So you can just kiss?" 
Harry snorted. 
"Isn't that enough? I'm not a pimp!" 
Niall blushed slightly. 
"But you said you've been with both guys and girls?" 
Harry realized that he had said too many things at the same time. Harry had only kissed one girl and ten guys. He had just touched at Nialls cock and no one else's. It was like a big fat lie, and he wondered how he would get Niall to believe the opposite. 
"But not with girls!" he said quickly. "I don't fucking fuck them all the time!" 
Niall was startled. 
"YOU are a virgin?" 
Harry nodded and he blushed. His world fell apart. He had no experience that mattered for anymore.

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