the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


21. Sex Toys

Niall took a shower and then he picked up the box. Harry was on his way into the bedroom and Niall knew what would happen. He put the box next to the bed and he took up the handcuffs from it. Harry came into the room and immediately showed Niall up where he got in his hand.
"Lay down in the bed." 
Harry hesitated and Niall saw that he wasn't sure. 
"But ...?" 
Niall was adamant. 
"Lie down just in the bed and I fix everything else." 
Harry gulped and he obeyed the Irishman. He lay on his back in bed and he looked at Niall with big eyes. Niall grinned and he quickly got Harry off his shirt. Then he put the handcuffs in bed, over Harrys head, and made sure that Harry's hands ended up there. Hands stuck up there and he enjoyed. 
"Will you hurt me?" 
Niall laughed. 
"No, darling, I'm just playing with you."
Niall went to the window and closed the curtains. They had finally gotten the house ready and all things were in their places. Niall tore off his towel and naked, he went back to bed. He sat on the edge and unbuttoned Harry's pants. He pulled them down and laughed a little bit. 
"Tonight you're mine!" 
Harry nodded a little bit and he blushed when Niall got him off the underwear. Harry hadn't got boner yet, but Niall didn't care. He would change that part.


Niall took up some of the things from the box and laid them on the bed. Then  he parted on Harry's legs and he sat down between them. He pulled out a ring, which he quickly took over Harry's cock and then he took out a dildo. Harry just gaped at him. 
"Will you...?" 
Niall smiled and he gave Harry a warning glance. 
"From now on you should be quiet and just stay in bed." 
Harry nodded weakly. 
"But .." 
Niall looked at him again. 
"Quiet sweetheart, or I will take up the leather whip."
Direct trick Harry his lips together and he put his head down on the pillow. Niall took some lubricant on his hands and he caught up Harry's member. He began methodically massaging it and right as it was, he felt how Harry got boner. The younger guy was moaning and he closed his eyes. Niall smiled and he looked down at his own hands. He did it perfectly over Harry's hard cock and he was satisfied. He took the dildo and smeared it with lube. Then he brought down one hand and let his fingers massaging Harry over his rear hole. Harry whimpered when a finger penetrated. He still had his eyes closed and he seemed to have relaxed. He trusted Niall and he seemed to like to be the one that didn't have to do anything. Niall let two fingers penetrating and direct whimpered Harry higher. When he was ready, took Niall the dildo and he penetrate it into Harry's rear hole. Harry whimpered straight out and he lifted almost the body up. He spread his legs a little more and he showed with the entire body that it was pleasant. Niall smiled and he started to jerk off Harry with the other hand. He put on the vibrator and it was as if Harry almost went crazy. 
"Damn Niall ..." he shouted. Niall smiled and he proceeded to put his hand over Harry's most sensitive part.


Niall took his hand down between his own legs and he made himself ready. He continued to let his hand slide over Harry's cock and he saw that the young guy loved it. When Niall was ready, he released Harry's dick and he sat over his waist. Slowly he let Harry penetrate, slowly, he sank and he felt that Harry just enjoyed it. Harry opened his eyes and he looked straight at Niall. He was sweaty and he was red in the face, down the chest. Niall smiled and he could hear the vibrator worked in Harry's rear hole. Self he sat completely down on Harry's cock and slowly he began to ride him. Harry whimpered and he closed his eyes again. Niall let his palms slid over Harry's chest and he moved smoothly up and down. He felt his whole body tingled and he loved to see Harry in that state. He saw that he was totally inside each motion and he whimpered with his face. Niall stepped up the pace and he was moving faster. He rode Harry perfect and he could feel his cock easily slipped in and out of him. Finally Niall took down one hand and he brought it quickly over his own member. It was so wonderful to just sit there and ride Harry. The whole body shook and he felt how exciting the whole situation was.


"Damn Niall .." yelled Harry. "I want to come!" 
Niall smiled and he knew that the ring on Harry's cock stopped it. Harry had to be involved in every movement, and he was shaking all over. 
"Not yet sweetheart ..." he whispered hoarsely. "I want more." 
Harry threw his head and he tried to get free from the handcuffs. He failed and he had to stay on his back. Niall rode him faster and he masturbated harder. He felt his whole body started to get hot and Niall realized he would have to come first. He closed his eyes and he rode as hard as he could. He bounced up and down and his hand was moving faster. In the end it was as if the whole body exploded and Niall screamed. He pumped out cum on Harry's stomach and he whimpered before the orgasm slowly slid out of the blue.


Niall sat down between Harry's legs. He increased the vibrator and then he took the lube on his hands. He wished that Harry would get an incredible orgasm. He let his hands then slid over Harry's cock and he jerked him off quickly. Harry threw his head and he moved his body in all directions. Niall tore off the ring and then pumped his hands faster and faster. He saw how the whole Harry was red and sweaty. He lay almost ranks. He really wanted to come.


Harry screamed. He actually screamed and he spurted cum all over Nialls hands. Entire he shook and he seemed totally gone. Niall smiled and he saw how his cock was vibrating between his hands. Harry whimpered and he was moving long after he had come. Eventually he collapsed and he was out of breath.


Niall lay straight down over Harry. He kissed him and Harry responded the kiss. It was as if everything was just too perfect. Niall was happy and he felt how hot they were. They had really done something they would forget late. Harry was breathing rapidly and he was still shaking all over. Niall continued to kiss him, but made ​​sure that he came away from the handcuffs. Harry put his hands around Nialls body and he hugged him tightly.


"I confess!" Harry whispered hoarsely. "It was a good idea with that stuff." 
Niall laughed a little bit and he pulled his hands through Harry's hair. 
"I knew you'd love it." 
Harry smiled and he blushed. 
"The dildo was like an orgasm manufacturers." he said and opened his eyes. "And you were perfect." 
Niall enjoyed and he kissed Harry again. He let his tongue slip in and they were making out for a while, before he finished it. 
"So the next time you get to decide over me?" 
Harry nodded. 
"And I promise you to give back.'ll Give you suffer!" 
He said it with a twinkle in his eye and Niall just giggled at him. 
"Okay, I promise I wont argue with you."

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