the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


20. Phase two of the relationship

Louis hugged Harry and smiled at him. 
"So Niall did it?" 
Harry nodded and he smiled big. 
"At least were together and he doesn't care that his mom didn't want to have anything to do with us." 
"Maybe she'll be back?" 
Harry shook his head quickly. 
"No, you'd been through and seen her. She was anything but happy, and she threw us out." 
Louis hesitated and he seemed to understand. 
Harry nodded. 
"It took Niall few days before he got over it, but now everything's pretty okay."
Louis looked at Harry and he seemed to hear the words. 
"It's just pretty okay?" 
Harry blushed and he sat down on the sofa. He didn't know how much he wanted to talk about his private life, but Louis was always open with everything that happened between him and Eleanor. 
"He has been different." 
Louis was placed on the other couch. 
Harry blushed even more and he looked up at Louis. 
"He's pretty crazy when it comes to sex. It's as if he wants to test everything and the other day..." Harry paused. Louis smiled a little bit and he wanted to know. 
"Come on, I tell you everything that Eleanor does for me."
Harry swallowed. 
"Niall wanted to have sex in the kitchen, on the bench and then on the kitchen table." 
Louis grinning. 
"And what's wrong with that?" 
Harry hesitated. 
"Before, he was more shy and now it's as if he releases all the locks and I'm not used to it." 
Louis laughed a little bit and he was almost amused by the subject. 
"But come on! Niall just want to discover what you can do. That's how it is when you have a partner. When you know everything about each other, you'll renewing parts of the relationship and test new ways to go."
Harry felt silly. There he sat and complained about a small problem, when there were worse things. 
"I guess you right?" 
Louis nodded and he leaned back in the couch. 
"Eleanor's crazier than that. She wants to have sex in the park, in the woods, in the car and at odd places. Niall seems normal and take the opportunity to enjoy." 
Harry agreed, and he looked up at his friend. 
"And he loves me." 
Louis nodded. 
"Then you don't need to worry about what he want to do with you?" 
Harry nodded quickly and he told himself to listen to Louis, exactly as he used to do every time they talked. Louis had a lot of experience and he always said the truth, though it sometimes hurt.




Niall giggled. Harry just stood and gaped at the bed. There was all the things that Niall had bought and the reaction was expected. 
"Come on, Darling!" Niall whispered tenderly. "Everyone uses things sometimes just to get more out of it all." 
Harry looked doubtful. 
"But you've got a leather whip?" 
Niall giggled. 
"We don't need to use it all?" 
Harry nodded quickly, he swallowed and he looked at Niall. 
"Okay, you may do this if you wish, but we wont hurt each other?" 
Niall smiled and he walked over to Harry. He took his arms around his boyfriend's waist and looked into his eyes. 
"No, we wont hurt each other." 
Harry puffed out. 
"And you bought dildos?" 
Niall enjoyed. 
"Yes, it may be possible to do something with them?"
Niall saw that Harry still hesitated. He looked at the bed with big eyes and he seemed to think. 
"But we have to hide all the stuff when people come here?" 
Niall nodded happily. 
"We can have it all in a box in the closet?" 
Harry nodded and looked at Niall again. 
"And we're not talking to other people about this?" 
Niall realized that they had the roles reversed. Formerly, it was Harry who showed Niall, now it was Nialls turn to show Harry what more they could do. It tingled Nialls stomach and he was glad that they were going to take the next step in the relationship. 
"One more question!" he whispered, "Do you desire to cohabit with me?"
It was as if Harry wasn't ready for anything. He was startled and just stared into Nialls eyes. 
"Are you serious?" 
Niall laughed and nodded. 
"I want us to share everything and you're still here all the time?" 
Harry smiled and Niall saw that he liked the idea. 
"And may I bring my chair here? That one I love to sit in when I read the books?" 
Niall nodded and kissed him tenderly. 
"You may bring with you it all." 
"But everything will not fit?" 
Niall grinned. 
"Maybe we ought to look for a house then?"


Niall enjoyed life and he felt that he finally got to live that life that he wanted. Harry was picky when it came to houses, but after a few weeks they had found a house that suited them both. It was a more expensive house, but Niall envisioned how they would stay in the house and share their lives together. It was like a dream, and when they had the key in their hand, it was as if everything just spun around.


The same day as they began to pack popped Greg up, Nialls brother. He came into Nialls apartment and he smiled at Niall uncertainly. 
Niall was startled and he stopped. 
Greg smiled even more and he looked down on all the items. 
"Are you moving?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Me and Harry have bought a house." 
It was quiet for a few minutes. Greg gulped and he then looked up at his brother. 
"I came here to say that I stand behind you. Mom's a little crazy, but I'm not like her." 
Niall felt his whole body tingled. He was happy over the fact that Greg cared and he saw at Greg that he really tried. Therefore Niall went up to him and he gave him a warm hug. 
"Thank you!" 
Greg took his arms around his little brother. 
"I don't want to be the one to let you down and if you're in love with a guy, no one can change that."
Niall released him and he knew how lucky he was, who had such a good brother. 
"You're going to like Harry. He's my rock!" 
Greg smiled and he chose to look at all the boxes. 
"So do you need help?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"If you want to, you get to help me. Harry comes here with the van soon and then we will try to fill it before nightfall." 
Greg smiled and he was sure of his cause. He took off his jacket and threw it into a corner.
"So what are we waiting for?"

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