the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


10. old memories

Harry swept the floor, he made sure to fill the buns, breads and cakes. He loved to run between the kitchen and store. He loved seeing everyone's smiling faces when they came in and smelled the scent of cinnamon, sugar, cardamom or whatever. It was as if the scents got everyone to smile, to feel harmony. 


"I'll go to dinner!" he heard Rita shout. Harry was quick. He put away the broom and he came out of the store, to take the place behind the cash. 
"I'll be back in an hour." she said happily and disappeared off to the staff room. Harry just smiled in reply and he picked order around the cash. He heard the door opened and he raised his gaze. It was as if he was about to lose his breath. Into the store came a dyed blond guy and he almost looked like Niall, that guy who broke Harry's heart. It was as if the memories came back, but he knew that it was just his head that played a trick on him. 
"Uh hello?" got the guy out from him selves and direct realized Harry that it was really Niall. It was one of those moments when both just stood and stared at each other. Niall was the same, a little older and a little longer. He still had those gorgeous eyes and his face was still seductive. 
"Hello?" Harry got up and he swallowed. He didn't know what to say. Niall was still standing at the door, as if he was sorry he had chosen that particular store. 
Harry nodded, and he had a smile. 
A nod to a answers and then they became silent again. Harry hesitated, and he began to wonder why Niall reacted that way. It was Harry who had made a fool of himself, once upon a time and not Niall.
"Do you live in London?" 
Niall nodded and he let go of the door. He took a few steps toward Harry. 
"And you?" 
Harry nodded. 
"Yes, I have lived here for a year." 
Niall smiled weakly and his smile was just as beautiful as Harry remembered it. 
"I'm new in town!" 
Harry nodded a little bit. What would he say now? "I can show you around?" It had just sounded silly and Harry didn't want Niall to think he was flirting, but Harry was close to doing so. 
Niall nodded a little bit and he fidgeted a little. 
"So you work here?"
Harry nodded, and he swallowed. He felt silly. He felt small and he felt his stomach tingled and his legs were weak. 
"What do you want?" 
Niall was startled, 
Harry smiled a little bit and pointed at all the buns, cakes and breads. Niall understood immediately what he was referring to and he blushed slightly. 
"Uh, I want bread." 
Harry nodded a little bit and he tried to either blush or show any emotion. 
"Which bread do you want?" 
Niall flickered with his eyes and finally he pointed at one of the loaves. 
"That one I think?" 
"How many?" 


When Niall had left the shop, Harry had to sit down. His heart jumped rapidly up and down and he didn't know what he would think. Niall had just appeared, and Harry wasn't ready for it. It was as if all the love came back, but he shouldn't feel that way. Harry should have come over the love for Niall, and it had still been four years?




Niall didn't know what to feel, think, or if he even should think more about Harry. It had been like a dream. Harry had just stood there and immediately had the old feelings come back. It was like he was sixteen again and it was as if they had been back on the island. Harry was as pretty as before, though older and taller. He still had that gorgeous thick hair and he was so perfect. There was so much that Niall had to say and he wanted to explain that summer. The problem was that Harry seemed to have gotten over it and he seemed to look at Niall as you looked on an old friend from the past. It was as if Harry had no feelings at all, and it led to that Nialls stomach just ached. His heart jumped and his legs were shaking.


"Damn it!" Niall swore as soon as he came into the apartment. He sat down on the sofa and he felt the tears came. He cried because he once had hurt Harry, and he was crying because he was so damn coward. He could had been asking about Harry's phone number, or maybe even given him his own. He could have said that it would be fun to see Harry again, but then surely Harry had said no. 
"I'm so fucking stupid!" Niall continued high and he was really angry at himself. There had the most wonderful guy stood, in front of him, and he just bought a bread. He had been able to stick around, talked to him, or at least been a bit more pleasant? Niall instantly felt hopeless and he didn't know where he was going. He laid down on the couch and he put a pillow on his face. He was ashamed, he shook and he cried. Talk about that life didn't turned out as he had imagined. He was now close to Harry, in the same city and it felt as if it would lead to one long torment.




Louis just stared at Harry. 
"Are you sure it was Niall, I mean, there've been a few years?" 
Harry nodded quickly and he sat down on the sofa. 
"It was him!" 
Louis sighed a little bit and he was placed on the other couch. 
"I remember it like it was yesterday." he said a little reluctantly. "Niall wasn't himself after you had gone home." 
Harry just wanted to cry, and he was shaking all over. 
"I understand him!" he answered quickly. "I told him that I loved him, but I knew that Niall wasn't gay." 
Louis agreed. 
"Talk about that fate takes a new turn?" 
Harry agreed, and he looked down at his hands. He swallowed and tried to collect himself.
"Damn, he's so damn good looking, still."
Louis smiled a little bit. 
"So he still bleached his hair?" 
Harry nodded. 
"And he has got such a wonderful face. His eyes are so..." Harry paused and he then looked at Louis. "I know I shouldn't say such things." 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"It's okay and I understand you. Eleanor was my first love and I kept her. You happened to instead get your heart broken?" 
Harry disagreed. 
"It was never Nialls fault, but I blamed him for a long time, but not now."
"Do you think he'll come back?" 
Harry shook his head. 
"I know I'm not going to see him again." he said and swallowed. "Too bad, but I saw at him that he got scared when he saw me. It was like he saw a ghost and he just wanted to leave." 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"What did you expect?" 
Harry had no good answer. He swallowed and he smiled a little bit. 
"I have so many times fantasized what to say to him if I met him again and now when he stood there in front of me, I couldn't even think straight." 
"Seriously?" asked Louis. "I mean, you could have asked if he was working in London or if he had a girlfriend?" 
Harry agreed. 
"I probably wont get that chance again. I threw it all away."

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