the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


14. Nialls home

Note: Contains sex mm ... Skip the first part if you don't want to read! 
(Next time I don't write that it contains sex ...)





Harry tiptoeing around in Nialls apartment. It was as if he finally got to see everything that had to do with Niall and he enjoyed. Nialls apartment was so clean and he had fancy things. There were photos of Nialls family and he had guitars for every day of the week. Harry couldn't help but smile. 
"I just moved in!" said Niall uncertain. "I may not have a home that looks occupied, yet? 
Harry just smiled and he looked at Niall. 
"I like your apartment anyway."
Niall blushed and he smiled a little sheepishly. 
"Thank you!" 
Harry laughed a little bit and he sat down on Nialls sofa. It felt like a dream. For many years, hadn't Harry done anything other than thinking about Niall and now when he sat in Nialls apartment, it was like a dream. 
"So what shall we do now?" Niall got up. Harry grinned and pulled him down on his lap. 
"Just hang out?" 
Niall smiled and he took his arms around Harry's shoulders. He looked into his green eyes and he seemed almost to think a little. 
"It feels as if it hasn't been four years!"
Harry agreed, and he took his arms gently around Nialls body. 
"I know! However, maybe it was supposed to happen now and not then?" 
Niall agreed. He nodded and then he kissed Harry. It was such a kiss that got the whole Harry's stomach to tingle. He responded to the kiss and it wasn't long before he felt Nialls tongue slip in between his lips. Harry answered everything and he groaned lightly. Niall smiled and ended the kiss. 
"You were a good teacher..." he whispered tenderly. Harry laughed a little bit and blushed slightly. 
"I remember when you didn't even dare to kiss?" 
Niall giggled. 
"I know and I regretted it afterward, but not because of you but because I didn't know what to feel for you."
Harry didn't care. 
"It's been four years, and now we're older?" 
Niall nodded. He changed his position on Harrys lap and he sat down with one leg on either side of Harry's legs. He was still holding his arms around Harry's shoulders, and he looked straight into his eyes. 
"So take me?" 
Harry balked. 
"Huh? NOW?" 
Niall grinned and he nodded a little bit. 
"I've fantasized about you for so many years that I want everything now." 
Harry giggled a little bit and looked down at Nialls gorgeous body. It appeared that Niall had boner through his pants, and the Irishman showed with the whole body that he wanted Harry. Harry grinned a little bit and quickly he pulled off Niall shirt. Niall didn't mind and as soon as the garment landed on the floor, his arms was back around Harry's neck. 
"Caress me, make me scream, just do something with me." 
Harry smiled at him. 
"Take it easy darling. We have the whole evening to ourselves?" 
Niall groaned and he nodded. Harry let his hands unbutton Nialls pants and with a few simple movements, he got out his boner in the open air. Niall groaned and he smiled. Harry forced up Niall, so he could undress himself completely naked, then sat Niall down in Harry's lap again, in the same way as before. Harry smiled and he let his hands slide over the Irishman's skin.
"Do you have lube at home?" 
Niall shook his head. Harry smiled and looked at him with a passionate gaze. 
"Some form of oil?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Should I ...?" more, he didn't say. He ran away and came back with oil. Meanwhile, Harry snapped up his own pants and he pulled them down to his knees. His dick stood straight out and Niall was overjoyed. 


Niall put himself astride in Harry's lap and he looked expectant. Harry just smiled and forced the Irishman to calm down. He started to kiss him and Niall was quick to respond to the kiss. Harry took the oil on his hands and smeared his own dick. Then he let his hands slide around Niall and he began to prepare his hole. Niall whimpered when a finger penetrated and he ended the kiss. 
"Does it hurt?" 
Harry shook his head. 
"Not if you do it right and take it easy." 
Niall nodded and he whimpered when Harry had two fingers penetrating. He lend himself toward Harry and kissed him again. Their lips were like mad and they wanted to do it all. Harry sank down in the couch and then he brought Niall against the cock. He allowed just the tip to penetrate. Direct finished Niall the kiss and he hid his face against Harry's neck. 
"Just relax ..." Harry whispered hoarsely straight into his ear and he grabbed Nialls waist. He gently pushed him down and eventually was the whole dick inside Nialls holes. It was as if they both ended up in the fog and it was as if nothing else mattered.


Niall grabbed hold of Harry's shirt and stripped of him the garment. Then he began to kiss him again. Harry put his hands under Nialls butt and he got Niall to slow start riding him. Niall moaned and he held his arms tightly around Harry's shoulders. It didn't hurt, but Harry wanted to be careful anyway. It was Niall who increased the pace and he groaned higher. Harry felt himself filled the narrow hole and he could do nothing but enjoy. He let one hand remain under Niall butt and the other slid around and landed against Nialls cock. He grabbed it and he slowly began to put his hand up and down over Nialls dick. Directly responded the Irishman, and he moved his body faster. They ended up in the state that was just perfect and they both moaned against each other's lips. Harry couldn't understand that they had been waiting for four years, but they hadn't had any choice.


Finally lifted Harry up Niall in his arms. He stood up on the floor and took both ​​hands under his bottom. Niall was quick and he took his legs around Harry's waist. Harry held him firmly and he took with him to the wall. He pushed up Niall against the hard surface and quickly began Harry bringing his hip quickly against Nialls body. Niall gasped, and he ended the kiss. He looked straight into Harry's eyes and he had his mouth wide open. A hand slid down from Harry's shoulders and he quickly caught up his own boner. He grabbed it and quickly began the hand to move up and down.
"You're so tight ..." moaned Harry. Niall smiled and he closed his eyes. 
"I was a virgin down there." 
Harry smiled and he looked down over Nialls body. He faster pounded Niall to the wall and he felt his whole body was tense. It was as if he had been waiting for this all his life and now that he finally had got to penetrate Niall, he didn't know what else he would do. 
"Harder!" Niall whimpered and he threw back his head against the wall. Harry obeyed him. He pounded harder into Niall and he closed his eyes too.
"Damn Harry, harder!" 
Harry whimpered. He moved quickly on the body and he felt how he repeatedly filled Nialls rear holes. It was as if they both ended up in ecstasy and there was nothing that could stop them. Harry pounded Niall harder against the wall and he heard how Nialls hand faster stroke his own cock.


Niall came first. Harry felt the Irishman buckled up, puffed straight out and it spurted cum all over both their bare skin. Niall gasped and he almost forgot to breathe. Harry continued, and he reached pretty soon the same condition. He felt how he quickly slipped into Niall and finally came the exploitation. He pressed himself against Niall and he pushed him against the wall. The entire Harry shook and he filled Nialls holes.


Niall was out of breath and he pulled his hands through Harry's hair. He smiled and he gasped. 
"It hurt a little." 
Harry was panting and he opened his eyes. He saw Nialls red face and he saw that Niall was totally happy with everything. 
"Why didn't you tell me?" 
Niall smiled and kissed him. 
"I didn't want you to quit." 
Harry smiled and he let Niall come down on the floor. They pressed hard their wet bodies against etch other and they kissed each other. Niall seemed satisfied and Harry felt just happy to have got to do it.




Niall was happy. He had done it, and Harry had taken his virginity. Niall was happy, though it hurt a little in the hole. He was happy with him self and he was happy with everything in his life. He awakened from the thoughts by the phone, it rang. Niall grunted and he had to let go of Harry. He felt that his own body was wet and damp with both sweat and cum, but he wasn't ashamed. He walked naked over to the telephone and directly he heard his mom's voice. 
"You sound out of breath?" 
Niall hesitated. He looked at Harry, who was standing naked on the other side of the room.
"Do I?" 
She laughing at the other end. 
"I just wanted to call and hear that everything is okay?" 
Niall gulped and he noted that both he and Harry had to take a shower. 
"It's all right here mom." he said quickly. Harry was startled and looked straight at Niall. Niall realized immediately that he wasn't ready to tell his mom that he was gay. It felt as if the entire stomach turned inside out and he didn't know what to say to her. 
"I have a visitor. Can we talk tomorrow instead?"
"Is it a girl?" 
Why did she have to ask such a question. Niall frowned and he just wanted to hang up, but then she had called back. 
"Sure!" he lied quickly. "I'll call you tomorrow."


Harry looked a little disappointed at Niall, but he tried to hide it. Niall suffered, he didn't want to lie to his own parents and he wanted to be with Harry, but he was a coward. 
"Your mom?" 
Niall nodded and he swallowed. 
"I'll tell her about us, but I have to work up the courage." 
Harry nodded as if he understood. 
"Okay?" he said uncertainly. "Maybe we should take a shower now?"
Niall nodded, but he was unsure. 
"Promise me that it's okay to wait to telling mom about you and me?" 
Harry smiled and he came up to Niall. He took the Irishman's face between his hands, and he looked into his blue eyes. 
"I love you and I'm waiting if you want. It's alright!"

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