the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


5. Learning

Niall came with Louis and Zayn late one night. Harry didn't look happy, but Niall couldn't manage to be kind to everyone. He stalked after the guys through the forest and when they arrived at the girls' side of the island, came Eleanor up to them. Niall felt the tingle in the stomach and he was excited about what would happen. Eleanor took Louis's hand and showed them to the right house. When they came through the door heard Niall how it giggled from every corner. He blushed and he realized that it was a stupid idea to come along.


"We usually sit and make out." said Zayn quickly to Niall "Maybe one of them wants to make out with you?" 
Niall was still standing at the door. Louis slid rapidly down into a bed with Eleanor and they immediately began to kiss each other. Niall didn't know what to do and when Zayn disappeared off with a girl, he felt just silly. It felt wrong to be in the house and he didn't know if he even dared. He panicked, and without a word, he left the cottage. He ran all the way back to their house and he ran into the room. He was breathless and he was close to just puke. Harry sat up in bed and looked at him with wide eyes. 
"That went fast?" 
Niall blushed and he tried to collect himself. 
"I didn't dare." he said breathlessly. "I don't know how to kiss a girl!" 
Harry seemed to smile and he didn't seem surprised. He jumped down from the bed and he stood in front of Niall. 
"Do you want to learn?" 
Niall gulped and he managed to get back a quiet breathing. 
Harry smiled a little bit. 
"I can teach you how to do it?" 
Niall was about to back down, but he was still standing in front of Harry. 
"Kiss me?" 
Niall now knew that Harry was gay, but kissing a guy was anything but normal. He frowned. 
"But you're a guy?" 
Harry grinned. 
"But then it's no problem, I mean, you got to learn how to kiss and then you going to kiss a girl?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"Why would I kiss you?" 
Harry seemed to hesitate and it was like he was a little hurt. 
"Come on, do you want to learn how to do it or not?" 
Niall still hesitated. Harry was a guy and he was gay. It didn't sound like a good idea to kiss him. 
"But ..." 
Harry interrupted him. 
"I'm a good teacher, and no one else needs to know?"


Niall sat down on the bed and Harry sat down next to him. The curly-haired guy appeared to be in great spirits and it seemed that he really wanted to teach Niall the tricks. 
"Don't tell this to anyone!" Niall whispered uncertainly. Harry just nodded and he blushed slightly. 
"Now you have to relax." he said hoarsely. "And when I kiss you, do just what I do." 
Niall still hesitated, and he frowned. 
"Have you kissed guys for?" 
Harry nodded. 
"And the girls!" 
Okay, there were only two choices. Niall was thinking and he realized that Harry might just wanted to be nice. It sounded like a good idea to have him as a teacher. Niall knew, after all, nothing about how kiss and Harry seemed to know everything.


Niall closed his eyes when Harry's face was approaching his. When their lips met Niall tried not to think about that it was Harry who was sitting next to him. He felt that the first kiss at first was tentative and simple. He was close to finalizing it, but Harry took his arms around Nialls neck and held him. Right as it was came Harry's tongue between the lips and the Irishman was forced to back down.
"But ..."
Harry smiled big.
"Yes, you have to kiss with the tongue."
Niall blushed and he saw that Harry was serious.
"You mean I must?" Niall whispered uncertainly. "I mean, it's not enough that I can kiss normal?"
Harry shook his head quickly.
"I'll make sure you will be the king at kissing."


Their lips met again. Niall felt how Harry took control and actually it felt okay to kiss him. Niall took his hands around Harry's waist and he tried to do the same thing that Harry did. When their tongues started playing with each other groaned Harry lightly. He moved closer Niall and landed astride in his lap. Niall didn't dare to question the purpose. He just followed. It was as if he forgot that Harry was a boy and not a girl. Harry continued, and he didn't want to quit. Niall felt something hard in Harry's pants and directly he understood. He quickly ended the kiss. 
"Harry isn't it enough now?" 
Harry was red in the face. He shook his head and made so that Niall landed on his back in the bed. He lay down on top of him and then their lips met again. Harry began to rub against Niall, which led to that even Niall got boner. It was the first time that it happened in such circumstances.




Harry knew what he wanted to do. He kissed Niall as hard as he could. He felt their boner stood hard up against each other, even though they had clothes on. It was like it was meant to happen. Harry knew he had control over Niall. It was as if the Irishman had forgotten everything else, and that if he liked to be under Harry. The kiss was so perfect and Niall was just so perfect at a person could be. Harry unbuttoned his own  pants and he made sure Nialls pants also was unbuttoned. Niall groaned slightly and he began to move on his hip up against Harry. The Irishman said nothing when their naked cocks was rubbed between their bodies and Harry moved faster. Niall took his hands over Harry's ass and he moved in the same movement. He moaned and he was red in the face. Harry let his hand slide down between them and he grabbed Nialls cock. He started to jerk him off and Niall didn't seem to mind. Instead, he took his arms tighter around Harry's body and he groaned higher. Right as it was, he came. Harry felt that whole Niall shook and it came out cum from his dick. Niall whimpered. Harry smiled. As soon as Niall was finished, he moved his hand to his own boner. Still he kissed Niall and he started to jerk off himself. Niall remained below him and when Harry came, seemed Niall almost relieved.


"Why did you do that?" 
Harry looked at Niall and he smiled. 
"I wanted to!" 
Niall blushed and he swallowed. 
"I'm not gay, Harry." 
"But I just wanted to!" said Harry quickly, and he became almost mad. "You've learned something and you should be grateful." 
Niall hesitated. 
"But you jerked me off?" 
Harry nodded. 
"That will many girls want to do and now you know how it is?" 
Niall pushed him away, which led to that Harry was disappointed. 
"But come on, You learned how to.... and you didn't resist." 
Niall seemed uncertain, afraid and he stood up on the floor. He was red in the face and he flickered with his eyes. 
"Don't ever do that again to me!"
Harry felt how all his hope vanished away. He nodded so that Niall wouldn't understand that Harry wanted to do it again. He left Nialls bed and then buttoned his pants.
"Can't you say thank you?"
Niall frowned and he buttoned his own pants.
"Thank you?"


When Zayn and Louis came back to the cabin slept Niall. Harry chose to ignore and he heard how the boys lay down on their beds. Harry lay awake a long time that night and he wasn't sure he'd be happy or sad. He had been touching Niall, but that was all. Niall didn't want Harry to touch him again, but even though he hadn't resisted when Harry had masturbated him. Talk about that Harry didn't understand why Niall was against it. Niall had liked it and he had responded the kiss. He had groaned and he had remained under Harry.

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