the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


8. I love you

Harry sat on the beach and he saw how some girls really were all over Niall. Why couldn't they let the Irishman be? Harry wasn't eager to participate in their silly water games and he didn't want to be with ugly girls. He sighed, and he left the beach without bathing. It still felt hopeless. 


"Don't tell me you fallen in love with Niall?" 
Harry balked. Louis came to meet him and he seemed almost to have seen it all. 
"No!" Harry said direct short. "Why do you think so?" 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"Come on, it can be seen in a long way and I have noticed that you don't like the fact that the girls like him. Niall isn't gay!" 
Harry sighed. It wasn't news that Louis came up with. There were facts and Harry already knew about everything. 
"I know!"
Louis smiled teasingly. He took his arm around Harry's shoulders and he almost hugged him. 
"Let the thoughts leave everything about Niall." he said kindly. "Niall will still choose a girl and you might find another guy to put your energy on?" 
Harry just wanted to scream, but he chose to keep quiet. 


Liam was a good teacher and everyone listened to him. Niall sat with the girls and he blushed all the time about what they said. Harry sat down in the corner and he was angry. He neither listened to Liam or bother to sing along with selected songs. He only had eyes on Niall and it only led to more anger. He realized that it wasn't sustainable in the long run to be so angry, that's why he left the room and quickly ran back to the cottage. He just wanted to be left alone and he didn't wanted to feel the emotions that he felt. He wanted to stop to feel love for another guy and he just wanted to feel ... hatred! Harry threw himself in Nialls bed and he put his nose against Nialls pillow. It smelled so good, so Niall.


"What are you doing in my bed?" 
Harry was startled and he flew up on the floor. 
"I just ..." he didn't know what to say. Niall laughed a little bit and he went up to him. 
"I followed you! You homesick or what happened?" 
Harry was still silent, and he looked straight down at the floor. He saw Nialls feet and he looked at Nialls legs. 
"Come on!" continued Niall. "What happened?" 
Harry wasn't sure if he would be honest or not. There were so many things he wanted to say to Niall, but the question was whether he dared. 
"I'm just tired!" 
Niall didn't buy the lie. 
"No, it's something else. You haven't talked to me in a few days and I want to know why!"
Harry frowned. He just wanted to cry, but he didn't want to cry when Niall saw it. 
"I'm just tired and nothing else." 
Niall sighed. 
"Don't tell me then!" he got to be a little angry. "I want to be your friend, but you don't seem to want the same thing or what?" 
Harry looked up at him and he swallowed. He tried to think of the right words, but he knew Niall would never understand him. 
"The girls just hangs over you and they think they are so good looking." 
Niall was startled. 
Harry realized that he had already said too much, so what did it matter? 
"Well, you're just with girls and I think it's disgusting."
Niall didn't understand, and Harry saw that at him. He looked like a question mark. 
"Yes, I'm friends with them?" 
Harry gulped and he felt his whole stomach gave a way to jealousy. 
"Do you have to be with them all the time?" 
Niall was still unaware of the truth. 
"I'm not with the girls all the time. I'm with you, with Louis and..." 
Harry tried not to sound too angry and he interrupted him. 
"You don't understand?" 
Niall shook his head quickly. Harry took in, from the toes up to his head. 
"I love you!"
The tears came. Harry couldn't stop the process and in a way, he was relieved that Niall now knew the truth. 
"But we're friends?" Niall got surprised out from himself. "I'm not gay and that fact have you known all along?" 
Harry wiped away tears and he sobbed. 
"I can't help what I feel and I can't stop to feel that way for you." 
Niall backed off a few steps and it was as if he was afraid of Harry. 
"Come on, I'm not interested!" 
Harry felt his whole body shook and he just wanted to die. He hadn't had those feelings for a guy before and he was devastated over the truth, although he had known about it all along. 
"You can try and be gay" 
Niall pulled away even more. 
Harry couldn't stop to let the tears come, and he had pain in his heart. His heart was broken and he couldn't fix it. 
"But you can ..." 
Niall backed to the door and he showed with his hands that he didn't wanted to try. 
"Stop, just stop now!" 
Harry cried so that the sweater was wet. He shook and he only saw fog in front of him. 
"But I love you so much and I promise to be the best boyfriend that ..." 
Niall left the room.




Niall ran. He ran all the way through the woods, past the girls' cabin and out on the Cape. He was shaking and he was scared. Damn, Harry loved him. Niall didn't want to admit that he felt a little bit more for Harry. His stomach tingled sometimes when the curls hairy guy happened to look at him, but Niall didn't want to be gay. He wanted to be normal and he wanted a girlfriend. Okay maybe he was more horny over Harry than over a girl, but still. What would his mother say if he came home and said he was with a guy? She would get angry and force him to go to church and ask for forgiveness. Niall didn't want that.


Niall sat on the edge and just shook. He didn't know what to do and he didn't want to feel anything. He had thought that the feelings would go away, that the girls would entice him to stop. He had chosen to be with them just to convince himself, but he hadn't succeeded and now he didn't dared to even tell the truth to Harry.



It was getting dark and Niall saw that they were looking for him. He still chose to sit quietly on the rock and he hid his face in his hands. He brought his knees up under his chin and he tried to disappear. He wanted to be invisible. 


"I've found him!" 
The next second he heard someone coming toward him. 
"What happened?" 
Niall didn't respond. He couldn't answer and he began to cry. He cried as he shook and he didn't want to be with them more. 
"What happened?" 
Two arms around him. 
"Say something!"


Niall couldn't stop crying. Someone picked him up and carried him away. Niall shook and he tried to think clearly. How would he explain this to the leaders? He didn't even know if he dared to explain what had happened.


Niall ended up inside the office and Liam came into the room. He closed the door and took a blanket around Nialls body. Niall sat on one side of the desk and Liam sat on the other side. 
"So you left us?" he said a little suspiciously. "What happened?" 
Niall sobbed. 
"Nothing has happened!" 
Liam was quiet for a few seconds and he didn't buy that lie. 
"Well, something has happened and I want to know what?" 
Niall shook his head. He had decided. He would be quiet and he wouldn't mention a single word about his feelings. 
"Harry has left the island!" 
Niall was about to lose his breath and he looked up at Liam. 
Liam raised his eyebrows. 
"He came in here and he said he wanted to go home. He called his mom and she came and got him." 
Niall panicked. Harry had left the island? Now Niall couldn't tell him that he loved him back. Now all was even more ruined. 
"But ...?" 
Liam sighed. 
"Something has happened between you and I would be grateful if you were talking about that." 
Niall refused. He looked down at his hands again and he shook. Harry had left Niall and Harry wouldn't come back. Harry didn't know what Niall felt, he would never know about it. 
"We were just enemies." Niall lied. Liam snorted and he didn't believe those words either. 
"Yeah yeah ..." he sighed. "Okay, I drop this, but if something like this happens again, you might come and tell me? It's sad when a guy leaves the island and no one will know why."


Niall walked in a daze. Nothing was fun anymore and he lacked Harry. It was as if everything just stopped and nothing attracted him. The summer was over and it was all over. The only thing that remained was emptiness. The music was boring. He wasn't at the theater and he didn't sing up when their parents came to collect their children.


"How was your summer?" asked his mom. Niall just sighed and gave her a quick glance.
Maura, his mom, didn't believe in those words. 
"Were you bullied?" 
Niall shook his head quickly. 
"It's just boring here." he lied. She took his bag, and they walked towards the boat. 
"So you don't want to go here next summer?" 
Nial was quick to shake his head. 
"No thanks!"





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