the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


4. Girls and boys

Liam smiled really big when Niall walked up to him with his little unsure face. 
"So I get to sing or play guitar?" 
Liam nodded and he picked up a list of those who wanted to be in the music group. 
"It's I who's in charge of the music." he said and Niall felt his stomach tingled. 
"I'm not used to singing in front of others." 
Liam looked at him again and gave him a pen. Niall realized he should write his own name on the list and he did so. Liam was happy. 
"I will make you become the king of the stage." said he happily. "Many people have come here and lacked self-confidence, but I can change that." 
Niall just nodded. He gave the pen back and he had time to see Harry's name at the top of the list. Even Zayn and Louis had written their name there.
Harry was overjoyed when Niall came back to the cottage. 
"I told you it was a good idea?" 
Niall just nodded. He sat down on the bed and looked over at Louis and Zayn. They sat on the bed and playing cards. 
"You are also in the group?" 
Zayn nodded and he gave Niall a quick glance. 
"We are in Liams group every summer." 
Niall gulped and lay down on his back in his bed. 
"Do you, three guys, been here many summers?" 
Louis nodded. 
"Yes, our parents aren't rich and they like to get rid of us, but I'm not complaining." 
Zayn laughed. 
"No, here you get to grub and you can do almost whatever you want."
Niall wasn't sure if they meant it as something good? He wondered what the summer would bring and he heard that Louis began to talk again. 
"Sometimes we'll sneak away to the girls and flirts a little." 
Niall looked at Louis. 
"Is it allowed" 
Louis laughed and looked at Niall. 
"No, but I have my girlfriend on the other side of the island. We do many things behind the leaders back." 
Harry snorted. He was perched on the top bunk and he didn't seem as happy. 
"The girls are just giggly." 
Louis laughed and looked up at him. 
"We know you don't like girls." Then he looked at Niall. "And you? Have you got any experience in girls?" 
Niall blushed. He had no experience, because he went on a boys' school. One time he had kissed a girl, but she just laughed afterwards and said that he was bad at kissing.
"No!" he answered honestly and looked over at Louis and Zayn. "You could say that I can't understand them." 
Louis raised his eyebrows. 
"Are you gay?" 
Niall blushed quickly. 
There was silence and Niall felt discomfort in the body. Why did they thought that Niall was gay? Were there guys who were that on the island? 
"What question?" 
Zayn smiled and he looked up at Harry, then he looked at Niall. 
"No, it was just a question." 
Niall decided to be honest. 
"I go to a boys' school, where there are no girls." 
Louis understood immediately. 
"Then you must come with us and flirt a little one night?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"I don't know!"
Louis was amused and he looked straight at Niall. 
"It's fun!" he said happily. "My girlfriend Eleanor and I usually lie and make out half the night. It's exciting." 
Zayn agreed. 
"And if you're lucky you get to touch their breasts." 
Niall blushed quickly. 
"You're serious?" 
Louis laughed and he nodded quickly. 
"You can get more experience on this island than what you get in your entire life and the girls are willing to try many things." 
Niall blushed even more. 
"But do you mean that you have sex?" 
Both Zayn and Louis burst out laughing. Niall blushed and he realized it was a silly question. He hardly dared to say anything more.




Harry just wanted to cry. He lay down and he looked up at the ceiling. Zayn and Louis wanted to take Niall to the girls. Harry wanted him to remain in the room. Why were they so on Niall regarding the topic girls? Harry knew that Niall wasn't gay now. It was as if the whole body gave up, and Harry realized that he could never flirt with Niall. Perhaps the Irishman wouldn't even kiss a guy? Harry sighed quietly. 
"It's against the rules?" He heard Niall question. 
"Anything that's against the rules is fun." Zayn responded quickly. Harry sighed. It wasn't against the rules to stay on their side of the island and to be with guys. It was just against the rules to be with the girls in the evening and night. 
"Can't you just put it down." he heard himself say. Louis laughed and looked up at him. 
"You don't understand this!" 
Zayn agreed. 
"You just be quiet Harry. This is just something that ordinary guys understand and not such guys as you!"
"What nasty you are against Harry!" Niall quickly said. Louis looked at Niall and he smiled awry. 
"You don't know?" 
"Know what?" 
Harry didn't want Niall to know. He didn't wanted that the Irishman would know the truth. Yet opened Zayn his mouth. 
"Harry's gay!" 
There was silence. There was total silence in the room, and Harry just wanted to die. He just wanted to cry and he wanted to go home again. His mom didn't care. She always said that love was blind, and if her son was gay, she would still love him. She knew that Harry was gay, but they rarely talked about topic.


Right as it was popped Niall up. He popped his head up at the edge of the bed and he smiled at Harry. 

"Are you gay?" 
Harry gulped and nodded. He looked up at the ceiling and he wanted to avoid Nialls gaze. He was surprised when the Irishman didn't seem to care. 
"Okay!" he said quickly, and disappeared down to his bed again. Harry balked. Niall didn't seemed to care? Harry became more and more amazed. 
"He's gay!" Harry heard Louis say. Niall laughed a little bit. 
Harry swallowed. He couldn't understand that Niall wasn't like normal guys! At school, Harry was bullied. Everyone called him gay and all said mean words to him all the time. "You're gay and you should die!"


"I have a friend at home in Ireland who's gay!" Niall whispered to Harry. They were on their way to the dining room and Niall walked beside Harry. "I'm friends with him because he's kind and I don't care if he's gay." 
Harry gulped and he smiled uncertainly towards Niall. He wanted to ask if Niall was gay or maybe if he was a little interested in guys, but he didn't dare to ask. 
"Thank you!" he said instead. Niall smiled with his whole face, and he took his arm around Harry's shoulders. 
"We will be good friends?" 
Harry nodded, although he hoped for more. He wanted to ask so many questions, but he lacked the courage to do so.


"You following us to the girls later?" 
Harry saw that Louis leaned against Niall and it was like they wanted to take Niall away from Harry. Harry chose to look down at the food and he poked at the salad. 
"We'll see!" Niall replied quickly. "I guess I can go with you, but not tonight." 
Harry puffed out and he saw that Louis didn't care. 
"Okay, but let me know so that we know in advance?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I promise!"


"Why don't you wanna go to the girls?" 
Niall laughed and picked up some pine cones from the ground. He threw them away and then he looked at Harry. 
"Honestly I don't know how to be against girls. I have just spent time with the boys and I don't know how girls work." 
Harry smiled and he couldn't stop looking into Nialls gorgeous eyes. 
"Neither do I,,," 
Niall laughed. 
"But you've caused?" he said quickly. "I should be more like Louis and Zayn!" 
Harry disagreed. 
"I think you're perfect as you are." he realized what he had said and he blushed quickly. "But I think you can always learn?" 
Niall stopped and looked at Harry. He thought for a little bit and then he nodded. 
"Maybe I do?" 
Harry wanted to say no, he wanted to shout out straight. Instead, he smiled and just looked down at the ground. Niall also seemed to ponder.
"Are there others like you on the island?" 
Harry blushed. What a question! Are there others that you are on the island? Harry didn't chose to be angry. 
"I don't know!" 
Niall smiled weakly. 
"Why don't you find out?" 
Harry blushed. He just wanted Niall and he didn't care if there were others like Harry, on the island. 
"No thanks!" 
Niall didn't give up. 
"There should be some cute guy that suit you?" 
Harry gulped and he shook his head. He looked down at the ground and kicked away a stone. It flew straight towards a tree and Harry followed the stone with his gaze. 
"No, I said!" 
Niall fell silent. 

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