the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


3. First friend

Niall came into the room, where he would sleeping this summer. He recognized that curly haired guy, who he had seen before, and that gay lit up as soon as Niall came into the room. 
"I'm Harry!" he said happily. Niall gulped and he gave him a quick glance. The other two guys didn't seem to care, but one of them gave him an extra long look. 
"I'm Zayn!" he murmured, and then he pointed to the third guy. "And he's my friend Louis." 
Niall just nodded and he tried not to show how insecure he was. 
"Niall." he said shortly. Harry seemed to be overjoyed that he found out the name. 
"You're from Ireland, right?" 
Niall nodded a little bit. He noted that only the bed as was free was that one under Harry's bed. He had to lie beneath that happy man? Niall realized there was no use complaining. 
"You can get to be up there if you want, top bunk." Harry said happily. Niall just grunted and he put the guitar and backpack on the bed. 
"Do you play?" asked Zayn quickly and he pointed at the guitar. Niall nodded a little weak. Zayn seemed curious. 
"So you'll be with the singing?" 
Niall shook the head. 
"No, I don't sing in front of others." 
Direct Harry seemed disappointed. 
"But if you play your guitar, I can sing?" 
Niall only snorted. Why was that Harry so curious? It was as if he wouldn't let Niall be in peace. 
"No!" He said therefore fast, cold, so that everyone would understand that they couldn't nag. 
"I can sing." he heard Louis say. Niall felt the anger came. 
"I said, the hell, I didn't want to sing." he shouted almost. All was silent and it seemed like everyone was afraid of him. Niall didn't know what he would do. He wanted to say sorry, but he was too proud. Instead, he ran out of the room and out into the yard. This summer could be the worst in his life.




"What an idiot!" grunted Zayn quickly. Harry was disappointed. He had hoped that Niall wanted to make friends and that the four of them would do everything together. 
"Oh let him be!" snorted Louis quickly. "He's such a guy who's not used to country life. He will learn." 
Harry hoped that Louis told the truth. Harry really wanted to get to know Niall, he wanted to be his friend and he wanted to be near him. Okay, Harry wasn't in love with Niall, but he had felt that his stomach got butterflies and it was long ago that a guy had gotten Harry's stomach to tingle.
"He's cute!" Harry mumbled, but neither Louis or Zayn heard him. They changed rather quickly clothes and after a few minutes they left the cottage to go and play football. Harry sighed and sat down on Nialls bed. He let his hand slide over Nialls guitar case and he smiled a little bit. Maybe that Niall would change his mind and realize that he didn't win anything to be mean?


Niall came back and Harry stood up quickly. Niall came in and his eyes shunned Harry. 
"I'm sorry." he murmured quietly. "I'm just not used to end up on an island" 
Harry cheered and he smiled big. 
"It's okay, but try not to scold on us again." 
Niall nodded a little weak. He looked around the room and immediately knew Harry that he wanted to know what was in there. He quickly pointed to the empty wardrobe and drawer that was Nialls. 
"There, you can have your things." 
Niall gulped and nodded. He looked quickly at Harry, and then he began to unpack. Harry was just too curious to leave the cottage. He flew up on the top bunk and he peered down on everything Niall did. 
"Will you be here all summer?" 
He heard Niall groaned and also that he didn't want to answer the question, yet he did it. 
"I think so."
Harry smiled on. 
"Me too!" 
Niall sighed and he ran his hand through his hair. 
"I don't want to be rude, but do you always like that silly?" 
Harry responded, and he became serious. 
"What do you mean?" 
Niall sighed and he put the empty suitcase under the bed. 
"You smile all the time and I just wonder if you always smiling?" 
Harry pondered. He was a happy person and his mom always told him that he had been born as an little angel. He was happy with everything and he was just glad when everything was okay. 
"I don't know!" 
Niall sat down on his bed, and Harry felt that the bed shook. 
"Don't smile all the time, Okay?" 
Harry nodded quickly. 
"I promise, if you promise not to be so angry all the time."
Niall didn't answer. He sighed. Harry continued to smile. He laid down on his stomach and stuck his head down outside the edge of the bed. He looked down at Niall and watched him closely. 
"You didn't answer my..." 
Niall interrupted him. 
"Okay, I promise not to be angry all the time, but then stop to smile?" 
Harry tried to look serious. 
"Shall we go swimming?" 
Niall sighed. 
"No thanks!" 
Harry didn't give up. 
"Please!" he said kindly. "There's a bridge on the other side of the island and a diving board." 
Nial looked up at Harry. 
"How do you know?" 
"I've been here before."




Harry looked at Niall when he changed into swimming trunks. Harry's stomach tingled and he thought that Niall had a perfect body. He was so narrow, so pale and he had such a butt that Harry just liked. Niall looked at him and blushed as soon as he noticed that Harry stared. 
"Are you gay or what?" 
Harry swallowed. He realized that it wouldn't be a good idea to explain that Harry liked guys. 
"Are you?" 
Niall grinned and he shook his head. Harry was disappointed, but he figured out that he had himself to blame. You can't fall in love with a guy who likes girls and you can never force another person to fall in love back.
Harry pulled up his swimming trunks and then he followed the Irishman. his stomach tingled but he was just sad in the body. Harry tried to displace all thoughts and he smiled a little bit. 
"Last summer I won the jump contest." Harry started fumbling so that it wouldn't be quiet. Niall looked at him with his blue eyes and he smiled a little bit. 
"Do they have many competitions here?" 
Harry answered smile. 
"It's up to us. One summer we had marathon around the island, but that time I came among the last." 
Niall looked down at the ground and he seemed to ponder. He then looked at Harry and it was a change in his face. 
"Okay, I promise to give this summer a chance." he said happily. Harry lit up even more and he smiled big. 
"Good, because otherwise I had grown tired of you." 
Niall laughed. 
"I don't think you get tired of people, because you don't give up."
Harry giggled and he blushed slightly. 
"I know!" he said honestly. "My mother used to say that I'm a ray of sunshine that spreads joy."
Niall smiled and they came down to the beach. The lake was calm in front of them and only a few girls were there to swim. Harry giggled and he ran straight out onto the bridge. He ran straight ahead and in the end he jumped straight out the water. Niall did the same thing and when their head was above the water, Harry heard how a girl complained. 
"You splashed water on me."
Niall laughed and looked at her. 
"Sorry, but we just wanted to just swimming."
Harry enjoyed and they swam up to the bridge. Niall smiled at him and grabbed the edge of the bridge. 
"So what else can you do on this place?" 
Harry pondered. 
"You'll like it here.I was in the theater last year." 

Niall didn't seem to like that part. 
"Isn't that lame?" 
Harry shook his head quickly. 
"No other way around and I was with them who like music and was singing." 
Niall seemed to think, and he nodded a little bit. 
"I usually don't sing in front of everyone else, but I can give it a try." he said a little uncertainly. "I'm afraid of what others think of me." 
Harry nudged him teasingly on his shoulder. 
"I like you and you can always practice on me?"
Niall nodded and he blushed slightly. He looked straight at Harry and he was silent for a few seconds. Harry felt his entire stomach tingled and he just stared into Nialls eyes. Damn, he was handsome with his blond wet hair. It was as if Harry had a revelation and at the second, he promised himself one thing. Before the summer was over, he would have kissed Niall.

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