Living The Life Of A Cursed Pony

This is one of my 'My Little Pony' Comic Strips. This one is called 'Living The Life Of A Cursed Pony'. I used 'Pony Creator' to make my characters, and to change their poses, then made a storyboard comic strip of Jessica Gallopsby - (My Pony Persona) and Dark Storm in their adventure after becoming cursed by the evil Black Shadow. Please let me know what you think as I upload each strip as I write more to the story... If you lot like the whole comic strip idea added to Movellas, then please let me know, and I shall make more comic strips about My Little Pony, and also based on other stuff possibly :D :D :D :D By the way.... Jessica is my real first name, and Storm is actually named after my horse whos full name is actually Midnight Storm :D :D :D :D ENJOY YOU COMIC FANS AND MY LITTLE PONY FANS!!!!! ^_^ :) :D <3 XxxX


19. Chapter 4: A Dark Stranger In Town (Strip 19)


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