1D and 5SOS Preferences/Imagines

Just a book of preferences and Imagines


2. Telling Niall Your Pregnant

       I have lived in (hometown) all my life. It kind of sucks though because my husband Niall is rarely home due to touring with the band. He moved here from Ireland for me. Niall isn't suppose to be home for another month and I have a surprise for him! I'm pregnant and It's going to be a girl. One day as I'm looking at my small but growing baby bump in the mirror I glance over to see someone standing in my doorway. It's Niall but he wasn't suppose to be home yet!

"Well aren't you gonna kiss me princess?" He questions.

       I ran to him and kissed him like crazy! These past few months had been terrible without him but this ruined my surprise of telling him.

"Babe can I ask why you were feeling your tummy and why is it swollen?" He questions yet again.

"Oh um Niall I'm pregnant and it's a girl." I respond nervously.

       He begins to cry happy tears and he shouts about how he will become a father. Nine months later we have a beautiful baby girl named Athena and Niall's already trying to teach her soccer.

" I love you even more for giving me the perfect family Y/N!" He whispers in my ear as Athena is playing. I smile and watch him run off to play with our daughter.

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