My Little Pony Poetry

This is poems I have made myself about the different ponies from My Little Pony. The pictures included in this book were also drawn by me... So let me know what you think of my poems, as well as what you think of my drawings :D :D :D :D


3. Carrot Top

Carrot top, she does the hop.

Hop, Hop, Hop, bibby bibbady bop!

When shes on the dance floor she don't ever stop, so dance till you drop!

Her cutie mark 3 carrots in a row, you see her walk by, your like wow!

She asks you to a pony night out you cannot say no, and when shes your friend, you'll never let her go.

Her orange mane so cute and classy, shes so sweet she reminds me of lassie.

yellow fur like the sun, hang out with her, you'll have a lot of fun!


- I know this is short, less truthful, and not as good as my other poems, but I don't know Carrot Top very well, so I improvised Xx

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