We Don't Need Daddy (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Louis and Eleanor had the perfect relationship where everyone envied their love. They were the happiest people on the planet when they were around each other. But things drastically change when Eleanor gets pregnant with Louis' child.
She plans to tell Louis about their child on their 3 year anniversary but what if everything doesn't go as planned?
What if Louis doesn't give her a chance to disclose the news and kicks her out of the apartment because of a misunderstanding?
They wish to never see each other's face ever in their existence but fate has other plans. What will be their reaction when they meet after two years and a huge secret is revealed?
An Elounor Fanfic...
Larry shippers please don't read it if u wanna send hate...
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8. Someone's not Pleased!!

Eleanor's P.O.V.

It had been two days since my encounter with Louis. I was expecting him today. On Sunday, he had stared at Millie for a long time, the love and adoration pretty evident on his face. He had promised to pay us a visit today to...talk I guess.

Millie was still asleep and so was Danielle for God knows what reason but I didn't bother waking them up. Getting proper rest had been impossible for me, waking them up would be dropping a hammer on my own foot.

Walking out of the living room to the balcony, my eyes wandered around the parking lot until they landed on Travis' shirtless figure. We were on the second floor of the building, so the view was pretty clear. He was swiftly moving around, scrubbing his car with a sponge in his hand. His muscles flexed when he tried to scrub the roof. My eyes drifts towards his abdomen, his V on show as well. As if his abs weren't enough.

I was so busy staring at his body, that I didn't even notice his eyes which were looking right back at me. When my eyes finally met his gorgeous blue orbs, he smirked deviously. Feeling the heat rise to cheeks, I quickly averted my gaze, covering my face with my hair.

I could faintly hear his laughter from here. With an annoyed yet playful look, I looked back at him and flipped him off. That only made him laugh harder. Then he looked back up and motioned for me to go downstairs and join him.

I showed him the victory sign, indicating that I'd be there in two. I quickly walked inside and changed into my worn out denim shorts and a white tank top.

Not many people resided in this area of the city, so I usually didn't have to worry about my appearance. Danielle's dance studio was pretty close from here, so she had chosen the place according to her convenience.

When I walked out of the building, Travis was leaning against his car. When I came into his vision, he shamelessly checked me out and smirked. I rolled my eyes at him and swatted his arm when I reached his side.

"Just can't keep your hands off of me now, can you?" He smugly raised one of his eyebrows at me.

"Oh shut up, you conceited prick. Just give me the damn sponge and hold the bucket!" I ordered and snatched the sponge from his hand.

He chuckled lightly and started walking towards the hose. He slung it over his shoulder and started walking back towards the car, looking like a sexy fireman.

"I know that you love me and all but please don't make it that obvious by drooling right in front of me." He chuckled.

I threw the dirty sponge at his face and huffed."I was not drooling! You know what? I'm just gonna go upstairs. Wash the damn car yourself!"

I turned around and started walking back but swiped my hand on my mouth, just in case there really was some drool but it was all dry. Thank God. That would've been so embarrassing.

His huge hand gripped my upper arm and swung me around, pulling me towards his firm and very naked chest. "Okay sorry.. I swear I won't do it again. I was just kidding." He pouted like a little kid and I sighed, pushing him away.

"Fine! But, if I hear one more comment like that, I'm out of here." I deadpanned and he just nodded innocently, returning to the actual work.

"Where is my little girlie?" He asked, referring to Millie, obviously.

"The last time I checked, she was still fast asleep."

"That's unusual." He said, eyebrows slightly furrowed.

"Yeah! She was not feeling well yesterday and kept waking up after every fifteen minutes. She just slept peacefully." I explained.

He just nodded and then a comfortable silence settled between the two of us.

We had bonded over the years and being with him always made me feel better. He had the ability to lift up my mood and distract me pretty easily. Just like now. I had been really tense and upset after the encounter and I couldn't stop thinking about it. But being here with him, for mere five minutes, had me forgetting about what happened. I loved this about him. This quality, his attitude and even him being a conceited jerk.

My train of thoughts was interrupted when I felt something wet and sticky on the side of my face. I crinkled my nose and touched the sticky substance only to come in contact with soap bubbles.

Travis snickered and pointed the hose in my direction."Hmm! Mommy is dirty. She really needs to be cleaned. Get ready mommy!" He shouted and then splashed the water all over me, soaking me from head to toe. I squealed loudly because of how cold the water was. I tried shielding my face using my arms but it was of no use. Deciding that trying to shield myself would lead me nowhere, I started walking towards him, against the pressure of the water pouring out of the hose.

The water even entered my mouth but I kept moving towards him. When I was right in front of him, I rubbed my sponge all over his chest and tried snatching the hose from his death grip. When he just wouldn't let it go, I started tickling him, which I knew would make him give in. He was very very ticklish.

The water was now flying in every direction as we both wrestled to take the hose and pour the water on each other. When his grip loosened because of his uncontrollable laughter, I managed to pluck the hose out of his hand and turn it towards him.

The water soaked his sweatpants and it trickled down his chest to his abs. His hair which was already disheveled was now covering his forehead. His eyes were closed and his left arm was extended to stop the water from hitting his face. He closed the distance between us by grabbing me by my waist and pulling me impossibly close to him.

My face heated up at out proximity. While I was busy fantasizing, he had taken the hose from my hand and pointed it towards the sky. When I looked up, I got the feeling of standing under a fountain. I closed my eyes when a droplet fell on my eyelash.

When I opened my eyes and looked at Travis, he was way closer than before. I licked my lips out of nervousness and his gaze traveled to them before he bit his bottom lip. I tried to refrain my eyes from looking at what was under his nose but that was of no use. Just when he started leaning in, the water stopped pouring and someone cleared their throat rather angrily.

We quickly broke apart and I stumbled backwards out of shock. My breathing was uneven and I'm sure I looked like an over ripe tomato. My body instantly felt cold because of the loss of his touch but that was the least of my worries when my eyes landed on the person who had interrupted our moment.

"Um.. maybe I should come back a little later. You seem busy at the moment." He said, eyes narrowed into slits.

"No, its fine Louis. I'll just go change and you can wait in the living room.

Travis, uhm.. I'll see you later." I mumbled, without looking at either of them and quickly skipped towards the building.

Well, that was awkward.

When I reached the living room, I glanced out of the balcony to see a very smug looking Travis and an extremely infuriated Louis. Travis just nodded his head at something Louis said and with that, Louis turned around and walked inside the building.

So, he hasn't been here for a whole week and he is already threatening my friends.

Louis' P.O.V.

My blood was boiling at the sight in front of me and I was sure that there would've been steam coming out of my ears in the classic cartoon way.

As soon as Eleanor scurried off, I walked towards Travis who was watching Eleanor's retreating figure with a small smile. When she was out of sight, he turned towards me and his smile faded away, probably because of my glare.

"If looks could kill, I'd be 10 feet under the ground by now." He muttered under his breath, loud enough for me to hear though. I gave him the best fake smile I could muster up and extended my hand.

"You're funny and I'm Louis, which you obviously knew." I said, trying to hide the bitterness in my voice.

"Travis." He said, snaking his hand into my own and giving it a firm shake.

When he attempted to pull it away, I gripped it as tight as I could. He furrowed his eyebrows at my action, then looked up and gave me a questioning look.

"If you really know who I am, then you should also be aware of the fact that I'm not that kind to the people I don't like. I know how to deal with the people who come in my way or anywhere near my girl. Stay away from Eleanor. It will be for your own safety and benefit." I said, giving him a dangerous look and a final firm shake to his hand.

He had a smug look on his face when he nodded. As I stormed off towards the building, I turned my head to look at his expression one last time and was shocked to see him smiling while looking somewhere in the building. Well, if he didn't take the warning seriously, then he would just have to face the consequences.


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