We Don't Need Daddy (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Louis and Eleanor had the perfect relationship where everyone envied their love. They were the happiest people on the planet when they were around each other. But things drastically change when Eleanor gets pregnant with Louis' child.
She plans to tell Louis about their child on their 3 year anniversary but what if everything doesn't go as planned?
What if Louis doesn't give her a chance to disclose the news and kicks her out of the apartment because of a misunderstanding?
They wish to never see each other's face ever in their existence but fate has other plans. What will be their reaction when they meet after two years and a huge secret is revealed?
An Elounor Fanfic...
Larry shippers please don't read it if u wanna send hate...
All rights reserved


10. Remembering The First Time

Louis' P.O.V.

I couldn't help the toothy grin from permanently sticking to my face. I can't believe she is letting me come near Millie. I made a lot of progress in such a less time. It felt like a huge amount of weight has been lifted from my shoulders.This was by far the best thing that happened to me in the past two years.

And to top it off, she let me hug her. I wasn't sure of what i expected her to do when i pulled her in my arms. I was sure at one point that she would push me away and smack me right across my face. The contentment i got when she didn't push me away is something i can't put into words.

The effect she has on me is incredible. This girl drives me absolutely crazy. My heart was definitely going to burst out of my chest and fall to her feet if the damn phone hadn't started ringing. Bloody Catherine had to interrupt that moment.

But i won't say that the moment got ruined without anything good coming out of it. She called to tell me that we are gonna stay here for about four weeks. I couldn't have been more happy. This gave me enough time to convince Eleanor to come back with me to London.

She is not feeling generous or anything, this is all my work. I'm not gonna let her force me into putting my family after my career again. I've seen the result once and i'm not gonna risk it all again.

While i was at work, I got a call from an unknown number. I ignored it twice but it wouldn't stop ringing. Getting irritated with the constant noise, I picked it up.




I could recognise this voice anytime and anywhere. She called. And here i was, stupidly ignoring all her calls.

I was feeling kinda giddy, like the teenaged girls say nowadays,because firstly she remembered my number. Secondly, she was the first one to call.

"Yeah! Heyyy..." I stretched the word but stopped instantly as soon as it started sounding weird and I felt like a complete idiot.

She cleared her throat after some awkward,silent seconds, then spoke up," I wanted to talk to you about Travis."

What a wuss. He went running to Eleanor for help when he couldn't do anything himself. Like she can keep me from kicking his ass if he ever lays a finger on my girl again.

"What about him?" I asked innocently.

"I saw you talking to him yesterday in the parking lot. I know you threatened him 'cause he has been ignoring me ever since. When we finally talked, he refused to tell me what you guys talked about. He wouldn't even admit that you threatened him."

Oops! Busted!

"Too soon?" I asked.

"Too soon." She confirmed. I could picture her nodding her head at this without thinking that I can't even watch her do it. "Louis, he is my friend. You can't just go around threatening my friends to stay away from me now that you are back. I told you that you could be here for Miliie, not push my friends away from me, okay?" She wasn't asking,this was a demand.

I've always loved this bossy side of hers, even though I never did what she asked me to do. She would get extremely angry and shout at me for a long time and we would somehow end up furiously making out or having sex. Her words brought back a lot of memories.

*Flashback starts*

"I told you! He is just my friend and he was not flirting with me." She shouted back.

She had invited her friends over today so I could meet them for the first time. I knew some of them since Harry and Eleanor had some common friends. It's been more than a year since i've known El but I still hadn't met her friends.

Now that I finally did, I came to know about the prick who shamelessly kept flirting with my girl right in front of me.

I know exactly what you are thinking. I obviously didn't let him get away with it.

I happened to have a serious pee controlling problem and my bladder couldn't take it anymore as soon as he stepped inside the bathroom. Luckily he hadn't bolted the door because of God knows what reason, so I barged in and acted like he was invisible to me. I didn't even give him time to turn around, and i peed on his backside. According to me though, I was using the toilet and I hadn't noticed him. When he screamed like a girl, I closed my eyes and waited for him to turn around so he could see that I actually didn't see him there. Then, I opened my eyes and gasped dramatically while pretending to be shell shocked.

I then ran out of the bathroom with a satisfied smirk and left him there gaping at me with saucer like eyes. I burst into fits of laughter as soon as i closed the door behind me.

Now what was unfortunate was that his shriek didn't go unnoticed by Eleanor and now here we were, arguing about this.

"I was right there El. I heard everything he said to you. You can be oblivious all you want but i'm not gonna let him flirt with you right in front of me and get away with it. He deserved that. I had planned to do much more but I spared him this time for your sake." I retorted.

Truth be told, I had no other option than to spare him this time. Eleanor had dragged me away from the bathroom, holding my ear and locked me inside our room like i was three year old who had done something notorious.

"Oh for heaven's sake Louis, stop it. No one deserves to be peed on just because they were being nice. He is just my friend and he was doing what every other friend does- being friendly. No one was flirting. You are just ov-" I cut her off by smashing my lips on hers furiously. She was shocked at first and stumbled back because of the force but my reflexes were quick enough for my arms to travel around her waist and help her regain her balance, our lips never parting.

We made our way over to the bed, still furiously kissing each other, the argument long forgotten. We pulled away together because of the need for oxygen. We were both panting as my lips trailed soft kisses down her jawline and nibbled a spot just under her ear which i knew was her weak spot. She moaned softly and i swear that was the sexiest voice i ever heard.

Her hands found their way into my hair and she pulled my face up to hers and crashed our lips together again. Her hands were now exploring my body, mimicking mine. she tugged at the hem of my shirt and i helped her pull it off and threw it on the floor.

All of our clothes excluding our undergarments were on the floor in mere seconds.

"Are you sure you wanna do this El?" I knew I couldn't resist anymore but i'll stop if she says its too early or that she is not yet ready.

She rolled her eyes and huffed. "Do i look like I wanna stop? Just stop thinking and get over here before i rape you." I didn't need to be told twice.

I slid off my striped boxers and when i looked and saw her eyes widen and fix on my dick. I smirked and cleared my throat to get her attention and when she looked up, a cute blush crawled up her neck. I chuckled and spread her legs. Touching her between her legs, I realised how much she wanted me as she was absolutely soaked. I decided to make her wait a little longer and slid off her panties. If possible, she grew a darker shade of red and looked anywhere but at me.

"I'm gonna taste you now, okay?" I said touching her chin with my index finger, making her look into my eyes. She nodded nervously.

I pushed myself down and placed my head between her legs. As I swiped my tongue across her wetness, she let out a loud moan and clutched the pillow beside her tightly. I continued to pleasure her and when she was on her peak, I glided up and slid myself inside of her slowly and carefully.

That was the best night of my life.

*Flashback ends*

I was pulled out of the memory by Eleanor's loud shreiking voice.

"Are you even listening to me?" She asked angrily. Must have been shouting for a while.

"I'm sorry love. I umm.. zoned out. So uhh.. what were you saying?"

"All i said was that you don't need to threaten him and i'm not gonna accept that. Don't do that again. Understood?" She snapped irritably.


"I'm sorry and i'll try to refrain myself from repreating that."

"Thats what I thought." She replied smugly. Maybe she missed the "try" in my sentence. See! No promises made.

"So, I'll uhh come by today to see Millie and take you guys to some park or for an ice cream or something." I said hesitantly.

"Yeah, okay. I'll see you then."



"I'll hang up then."

"Yeah, you do that." She chucked and muttered a 'bye'.

"Bye." With that I hung up, having a goofy grin planted on my face.


(a/n)- Hii!!!! That was pretty steamy. (if you know what i'm talking about, you are a true directioner.) So, how was the chapter??

And about the scene above, it wasn't very detailed but i think thats enough. If anyone doesn't like this kinda stuff just tell me. I'll post these kinda details seperately.

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