Hugs, drugs and lies

Tasha is a drug addict and Tony is an alcoholic. Brought together by chance, feelings start to develop between the two. The only thing that stands in the way of their happiness is Tony's relationship status. But he's unwilling to step out of his comfort zone and tell both girls the truth. After all, you can't date two girls at the same time, can you?


2. Chapter one: Tasha


Yes result! More drugs for me. Last night some boy was watching at me. I could feel his eyes burning into me, watching my every move. I don’t recognise him as I try to by my goods as far away from home as I can. I can look innocent and sweet if necessary but I can look after myself. I live in a five bedroom house just outside of town. Mum occupies the largest bedroom and she thinks that I’m a spoilt brat. My step dad, Marvin shares mum’s bedroom. He is about 30. Malcolm has the second largest room. His girlfriend, Laura, gets to share his when she stays over- practically every day. She isn’t bad for one of Malcolm’s girlfriends. Normally he picks out goths or blonde bimbos. Laura has got lovely shoulder-length ginger hair. She has a nice figure and good teeth. My half sisters get the twin rooms as they are twins. They are called Billie and Lillie. They are real pains. I call them the Twinz. Then there’s me, the spare part. Mum has Marvin, the Twinz have each other and Malcolm has Laura. I have no-one. Then mum decides that she is back to her old ways. She has found a new man.


She's like 40 something years old and she still goes around acting like a love sick teenager. She's worse than me. At least I don’t go parading around in next to nothing and then complaining when I get hit on. I mean what do you expect if you go out wearing a bandeau and batty riders? I can't believe she actually feels the need to buy batty riders then parade off her flat arse to all the neighbours like they're going to want to see. Even I draw the like a batty riders and I have more of a bum than she'll ever have.  I also don't know why she feels the need to constantly find and replace her boyfriends. It's bad enough that my mother has a boyfriend and I don't but she doesn’t have to rub it in my face by dating practically damn every guy in the neighbourhood. To be honest, I'm surprised she hasn't started double dating with Malcolm and Laura. I doubt they'd even notice if mum tagged along on one of their dates since they spend most of their existence with their tongues stuck down each others throats.

The worse part about mum having loads of boyfriends is the fact that I worry about being stuck with more half-siblings than is necessary- well none would be great but we've already crossed that line with the Twinz. They're mum and Marvin's favourites which is not surprising since they are the youngest and he is their father. Malcolm and I both have different dads. According to mum, mine was some unknown guy she had a one night stand with whilst partying in Spain, and Malcolm's is in prison. My mum has such great taste in men don't you think? My family is so dysfunctional and people wonder why I do drugs. Well, there's your answer.

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